Friday, 25 August 2017

Quiet Night

Norwich 4 Charlton 1

My in laws are away tonight on a mini break so we had the house to ourselves. After the usual jokes of setting up swatters rights. I put the baby to bed while my husband and our eldest stayed downstairs.

After the baby had settled my eldest informed me that not only was she saying up to have tea with us. She was alone going to help cook it and wash up. How could I turn down that offer.

So off we all went to cook our pasta tea. Tbf she couldn't help much but her and my husband did test the parmesan cheese very well. And we all enjoyed our tea. Our daughter was on such good behaviour we even got a few games of snap in before we did the washing up. Which she mainly watched me do. But she was there in spirit.  She finally made it to bed at 9 o'clock. Although by this point I was dragging her bath out so I didn't have to watch and listen to two games of football at the same time.

I am now relaxing in the bath updating my last two blog post. If only she was always a dream like this....

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