Sunday, 6 August 2017

It's Back

Fulham 1 Norwich 1

Even though the football season only ended three short months ago, so much has happened in our lives since then. We are still living with my very understanding inlaws, but we are now waiting for the purchase of our first house to go through. We keep pushing our expected move day back, hopefully it will be before my birthday and we really hope to be in the new house before our eldest starts school.

I have also now been gainfully employed for the last three months working for a toy company. And the girls are enjoying a combination of Granny/ Grandma daycare and nursery. Being back in work full time is certainly easier knowing that both sets of parents are looking after our girls so well.

And now to complete our lives the football is back. It just gives the weekend a nice structure.  Today all my husband wanted to do was listen to the game. So we tried to get our chores out of the way this morning so I could distract the girls come kick off. This plan didn't quite work out and at 3 o'clock I was still hanging out washing whilst our eldest watched Descendents music video on her Daddy's phone. This may have slightly distracted him from the commentary.

But we got it together for the second half. Which the girls and I spent playing with a cornucopia of 80's play people (playmobile). After the game it was an early bath and hair wash, as our eldest wanted me to plait her hair so she could have crimpy hair for Heacham Carinal tomorrow. Roll on the first home game....

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