Tuesday, 8 August 2017


Norwich 3 Swindon 2

Just a quick post tonight.  My husband and father in law went to the game this evening as they couldn't wait until Sunday for the first game at Carrow Road.

We have had a very exciting evening. As we have been watching the mother duck, that lives under a bush in our front garden, egg's hatch. We have been waiting for them to hatch for the last three weeks. And what we have seen of the ducklings so far is very cute. Our little one has just started talking and can say quack quack.

We also had a party dancing around the living room to ABBA records Honey Honey is our eldest's favourite. If you don't listen to the words it's not inappropriate at all. Her love of ABBA stems from watching Mama Mia at Grandma's house.

Both girls are now asleep in our room which mean my husband and I are sharing the bunk beds tonight!

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