Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Birthday Cake

Norwich 4 QPR 0

I was pleased to find out my mother in law had decided against attending the last game of the season, for a very selfish reason. I needed to bake a cake for my baby's first birthday and cooking it with her around my feet was not going to be easy.

My mother in law initially took her out for a walk to try to get her to have a sleep while my eldest and I started baking. Luckily we were making Mary Berry's Victoria Sandwich so we measure all the ingredients out threw them in the bowl and used a hand whisk. It was dead easy although not quite as easy as using my Kitchen Aid. My eldest is getting really good at helping in the kitchen and I am hoping to get her to help make rice crispy cakes next weekend with the leftover easter chocolate. When the batter was ready I let her lick one of the whisks, mainly because I wanted to. It was her first time trying the batter and she loved it.

Unfortunately the baby didn't fall asleep on her walk so I rocked her to sleep upstairs and once she had gone off I could get on with the decorating.  This is my eldest's favourite bit as she got to try all the different icing colours. My mother in law has an ornament that I tried to copy for the Teddy Bear's picnic theme and I was really pleased with how it turned out. Although I'm not sure I'll be decorating the one for her party to such a scale.

By the time I had finished the cake the boys were back and we popped into Hunstanton to get a helium ballon for her birthday. After all it's not a proper celebration without a helium balloon.

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