Saturday, 6 May 2017

Benjamin Bear

Leeds 3 Norwich 3

My heart sank on Friday afternoon when we went to collect our eldest from preschool and she came skipping out of the school holding the school bear. I hate taking any toys out of our house in case we loose them and now I not only have the pressure of taking a toy out of the house but I have to entertain it too. Luckily we already had exciting plans for Saturday.

After taking him for lunch at a cafe (pub) she upacked his clothes into her wardrobe and got me to make him up a special bed in her room. Of course this special bed was never used as he shared our eldest's bed overnight (shudder,) and then they came in for cuddles with me in the morning, as my husband was in London visiting friends.

As Benjamin has his own set of clothes we all went downstairs in our pj's for breakfast before getting dressed for our big day out.

We had tickets to see Justin's Party at the Corn Exchange in Kings Lynn, as the show wasn't on until the afternoon we decided to treat our eldest to lunch at her second favourite restaurant after Old Mcdonalds M&S cafe. She had a bit of a melt down when we got there as she is paranoid about the actors coming off the stage at the theatre ever since Granny was picked to be in a knife throwing act at the circus, but that is another story. Food arrived to calm her down and after eating we headed to the show.

It was amazing even our baby who normally watches the show for 5 minutes and then goes to the auditorium loved it. My favourite bits were the Hokey Cokey and seeing Mr Tumble. In my opinion Benjamin bear was being spoilt, lunch out and then real life Mr Tumble. I'm not sure how the other parents will top this!

The night before it was time for him to leave we had floods of tears from our eldest so much so that we have had to invite him back again for our baby's first birthday Teddy Bear's picnic party. Luckily he is free that weekend.

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