Monday, 10 April 2017

Play Date

Norwich 7 Reading 1

Is summer here already? The weather has been beautiful this weekend and we have been enjoying the great outdoors. On Friday we went for an early evening drink at the King William with the girls. And on Saturday we had a picnic tea in the garden and a trip to the playground with friends. And on Sunday we had a BBQ.

But back to game day. It was nice on Saturday to just have a day at home with the girls. Now I am working again, although only part time at the moment, it has made me appreciate them more. We had our eldest's best friend over for a play date and she of course loved showing off her bedroom and taking our guests to the local playground. The girls were both really well behaved all day and we got bathtime done before Daddy got home from the football including all sets of nails cut and hairwashed. Getting the jump on Sunday night's chores.

I am already looking forward to the long weekend next weekend.

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