Sunday, 16 April 2017

Good Friday

Norwich 1 Fulham 3

I am panic writing this blog tonight as I have just found out there is another game tomorrow, and I do not want to get behind on my posts.

After working on Wednesday and Thursday I was looking forward to a day at home with the girls. We/ I had lots of Easter arts and crafts planned. Our eldest had a bit of a bumpy night, she woke up all hot and bothered after a bad dream and we were worried she was coming down with a cold.

In the morning she proclaimed she was poorly and that she needed to spend the day in her pyjamas, apart from this she seemed fine, so who am I to argue with her. Luckily she was well enough to help me make toilet roll bunnies and chicks. My toilet roll creation are the bane of my husband's life as I tend to hoard empty tubes and we are swift running out of storage space for them.

We had a very uneventful but pleasant day spent at home in our pyjamas and the girls were in clean pyjamas and ready for bed before their Daddy got back from the football.

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