Monday, 3 April 2017

Boss Baby

Aston Villa 2 Norwich 0

So I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front this week, for two reasons; one the international break and two dipping my feet back into the work place, since my maternity leave has now ended.

We now find ourselves in April with only a handful of games left of the season, no manager and no chances of getting in the playoffs. But I digress on with the blog. Luckily our eldest is too young to know about April Fool's day so we didn't have to worry about cling film on the toliet etc this morning. But after a bad night with both of them ending up in bed with us. April Fool jokes were far from our minds.

We had another cinema trip planned today we wanted to go and see Boss Baby, however as my husband also wanted to see the Liverpool derby on TV we were on an in and out trip with no stopping for toy shops or lunch. The film was great although we are now worried our baby is really a mini boss as she seems to respond to the new nickname Boss Baby a bit too well. And thanks to the climax of the film being set in Las Vegas we now have another member of the family that wants to go there.

As my husband had recorded the football he started watching it as soon as we got home, as live, and knowing he would also want to listen to the Norwich game. I suggested taking the girls out for a walk in the village. My father in law delivers the village newletters once a month and we have got into the habit of doing this for him with my mil. So today the girls and I decided to do it on our own. I was very impressed by how well my eldest remembered the route as she knew some houses we had to deliver it to that even I had forgotten.  I always make notes on our trip around the village as when I finally write my Agatha Raisin style book my leading character will also deliver newsletter's. My only note of interest today was that some one had left their axe out whilst chopping wood. A good murder weapon perhaps!

As the football was still on when we got back we had a few games of hide and seek before heading out to the ship pub to enjoy the sunny weather before the girls bedtime.

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