Monday, 6 February 2017

All About Me

Thank you for the nomination Anna Brown here are 10 things all about me

1. My waters broke, for my eldesr, whilst I was at work. I wasn’t due to go on Maternity leave for another week.
2. I almost got run over by Andrew Lincoln of The Walking Dead fame on a bike approx. 12 years ago in Soho.
3. My favourite book is Jilly Cooper’s Riders I think I have read it at least ten times and spoiler alert them winning at the Olympics always make me cry.
4. My first job was waitressing at weddings and its still one of the funniest jobs I have ever had.
5. I have an extensive knowledge of all things showbiz/ popular culture.
6. I am really bad at spelling.
7. My favourite song is The Only Living Boy in New York by Simon and Garfunkel.

8. I'm a twin.

9. I still can't drive at 36. And I need to learn this year.

10. When I was younger I either wanted to be a toy demonstrator in a department store or a zoo keeper.

Now it’s your turn to big up your bad selves!

1. Share 10 things about you the person. Not you the parent, the baker or the business.

2. Name check the person who nominated you.

3. Tag 3- 5 others to share 10 things.

4. Enjoy the tidbits of information we all learn about each other.

5. Voila, job done.

The fellow ‘enthusiasts of the personal knowledge of others’ (or team nosey) I am going to tag are…..

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  1. You mean you don't want to be a zoo keeper now? When did the dreams die???? Fab list :)

    1. I'm scared of frogs and I figured they might live in the enclosures.

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  3. I bet you saw some absolute sights with the waitressing job! Thanks for the nomination :-) x