Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Sleepless night

Southampton 1 Norwich 0

So today was our eldest's 4th Birthday, unofficial known as the last one we can all spend together before she starts school. We wanted to go somewhere nice to celebrate but a Wednesday in Norfolk in January didn't present many nearby options. She wanted to go to the soft play at Pensthorpe, and this is one of my favourite places, but it's too expensive just for soft play, we'd never be able to enjoy the birds as well. And we ruled Farmer Fred's out as we had just been there on Saturday and the animals at Norfolk Lavender are not open yet. I wanted to go to Church Farm at Stow Bardolph but that was closed today. So we settled on the soft play at Oasis, we can't go swimming yet as our costumes are in storage.

That was until our baby was sick in the middle of the night waking up our eldest. Who could of course then not get back to sleep due to the excitement of it all. So of course none of us could get much sleep.  And presents were all open by 7.00am. According to the memo 4 is the year of the Disney princess as we now have a mryaid of them in various shapes and sizes.  I am of course in heaven as I never really grew out of Barbie dolls and now I have a house full of Disney ones.

Due to the volume of packaging modern toys come with she didn't get dressed until midday as she was too busy unboxing and then playing with each toy.

The day would have been lovely had our baby not been a bit poorly. My poor mother in law has spent the whole day washing, as in the course of the night we went through several pairs of pyjamas and all the Muslin cloths we own. Because she had been ill I declined to go to the soft play and my exhausted husband had to brave it alone. Our daughter really enjoyed it so I am sure I'll get to go in the future.

And now we are all tucked up in bed, my husband isn't even listening to the game. Hopefully we will all be better rested tomorrow.

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