Monday, 2 January 2017


Norwich 3 Derby 0

When the girls and I left this morning my husband was undecided on whether he would go to the game today or not. He has been suffering from a bad cold, man flu. And as he's back at work tomorrow he wanted to rest up.

We were off out early this morning to go and see Moana at the cinema. My Mum and me took the girls to the Majestic Cinema in Kings Lynn, at £4.00 each this is a bargain to my London mind set when £12.00 wouldn't even pay for 1 ticket. The film was great and we all really enjoyed it. It was lovely taking the girls to the cinema that I have spent a lot of time in growing up. I loved that they still have the board outside displaying the film times.

After the film we of course had to go to old Mc Donalds which has changed a lot from when I was little and they had the flower and mushroom kiddie tables. I have to say the floor staff customer service is great in Mc Donalds and I really enjoyed my Big Mac.

One of the things that mistakenly got put into storage was all of our daughters pens and paints. So as Father Christmas didn't bring any I got her a few cheap bits from WH SMITHS she has already done some lovely pictures for her cousins. Although I seem to have done more pictures than her.

My husband did end up going to the game and seeing the result I bet he is pleased with his decision.

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