Saturday, 7 January 2017

Holkham Beach

Norwich 2 Southampton 2

No one had a good night's sleep last night. I'm not sure why but it meant when we finally woke up this morning, it was with four of us in the bed.

Breakfast and getting ready was a drawn out affair. Which ended with a cooked breakfast courtesy of my Mother in Law.

My husband isn't going to the game today, he along with his parents are not very impressed with the pricing structure for today's game. It's a shame as if there had been a cheaper family option I might have been convinced to take the girls.

Instead we decided to go for a walk. I had suggested Sandringham. But my husband had other ideas and suggested Holkham so we could walk in the woods and on the beach. Much to my husband's amazement I have never been to Holkham beach before. We used to always go to Holme as children. So I was really excited and the beach didn't disappoint. We strapped our baby to me. And we were off. Our eldest loved it but mainly as we were following two horses and following their tracks.

Now I have a confession to make I actually prefer the beach in the winter to the summer. Probably because it's quieter. Although it was very busy with walkers and birdwatchers today. But it just feels so serene. Standing on the sand dunes looking at the sea just reinforced for me that this is where I want to be and days like this are memories I want to give the girls. I genuinely belive we live in one of the most naturally unblemished parts of the country.

Although it comes at a price not only did we have to drive home listening to the Norwich game but the fog rolled in and ruined all the lovely views of the sea.

There is much anticipation in the household for a pleasurable evening tonight as we will be having a Chinese and watching Casualty apparently this is a classic Saturday during my husband's childhood. Now I have to explain to my husband that we never watched Casualty....


  1. I'm with you-I much prefer the beach during the winter, than the summer!! The woodland in your picture looks beautiful, but it's a shame that the fog drifted in a spoilt your views of the sea... A good walk always refreshes and blows away the cobwebs-much prefereable to watching football...?!
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  2. I love your pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful walk despite the fog!

  3. it sounds like you had a lovely time, good ol' MIL cooking breakfast! #bigpinklink

  4. What a lovely image! It sounds like a lovely time x Thanks for sharing on #fortheloveofBLOG