Saturday, 28 January 2017

Chicken Pox

Norwich 2 Birmingham 0

We have decamped to my mother's for two days to give my in laws a couple of days/nights off. And for them I think the timing maybe perfect, as after discovering a couple of spots last night on our eldest, and following a sleepless night as she was hot. We have realised that she has broken out in chicken pox today. After a Boots run, I never new chicken pox could be so expensive. I have stocked up on medicine, and she is now having a duvet day on my mum's sofa.

She is obviously not feeling well as she has started talking about her old friends and nursery for the first time since we moved. Apparently she is really missing them. Hopefully we can arrange a visit to London to visit some of them when she gets better.

We have spent the afternoon with Cbeebies on the TV chasing our 8 month old across the floor. My step dad is a saint for letting us take over the TV. I have also attempted some arts and crafts projects inspired by a Peppa Pig magazine. Although my polar bear marshmallows look more like mice than bears, but they taste just as good in a hot chocolate. Especially with some whipped cream.

My eldest is already in her PJs at 4.30 and we are now watching 101 Dalmatians. I loved the book by Dodie Smith as a child and the section below has always stuck with me "But during the many happy hours that Cadpig was to sit watching it in the warm kitchen she never liked it quite so much as that other television, that still silent television she had seen on Christmas Eve when the puppies had rested so peacefully in that strange lofty building. She often remembered that building and wondered who owned it. Someone very kind she was sure for in front of every one of the many seats there had been a little carpet-eared puppy-sized dog-bed."

My Mum is cooking us a special recipe from the new Rick Stein book Long Weekends tonight which should be good.

And hopefully she won't feel too bad tomorrow.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Lazy Saturday

Norwich 3 Wolves 1

I don't seem to have much material to write about today. It has been a very quiet normal day. We stayed at my Mum's last night which was nice and our baby wasn't poorly in the night so hopefully she is getting over her upset tummy. Our 4 year old woke Grandma up this morning so I got a lie in and a cup of tea in bed which was lovely.

And once we were up and dressed and my Husband had left for the football. My eldest and I went for a walk to the post office and Bakery, where they sell local honey, I need to treat myself to pot next time I go in. Of course no trip out is complete without a treat for her and luckily I got off lightly by buying her a box of candy sticks.

She has just discovered my mum's old desktop computer and was desperate to play on it. Having seen all the computers at the various schools we have visited recently I thought there would be no harm in this. As it turns out Ceebies games can be quite addictive. I think I enjoyed it more than her.

I also had to bake a chocolate log for my mum as she has guests coming for lunch tomorrow hopefully it will be good.

We got back to my inlaws for bath time and I managed to bribe my eldest into washing her hair, it's been at least two weeks since we last did it. With a suprise in her room. The suprise was Disney The Lodge Music. So we had a disco in her room before bed time. My husband thought we were mad but it was loads of fun. I have taught her to use a hairbrush as a microphone. I think a repeat performance will be on tomorrow night.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Sleepless night

Southampton 1 Norwich 0

So today was our eldest's 4th Birthday, unofficial known as the last one we can all spend together before she starts school. We wanted to go somewhere nice to celebrate but a Wednesday in Norfolk in January didn't present many nearby options. She wanted to go to the soft play at Pensthorpe, and this is one of my favourite places, but it's too expensive just for soft play, we'd never be able to enjoy the birds as well. And we ruled Farmer Fred's out as we had just been there on Saturday and the animals at Norfolk Lavender are not open yet. I wanted to go to Church Farm at Stow Bardolph but that was closed today. So we settled on the soft play at Oasis, we can't go swimming yet as our costumes are in storage.

That was until our baby was sick in the middle of the night waking up our eldest. Who could of course then not get back to sleep due to the excitement of it all. So of course none of us could get much sleep.  And presents were all open by 7.00am. According to the memo 4 is the year of the Disney princess as we now have a mryaid of them in various shapes and sizes.  I am of course in heaven as I never really grew out of Barbie dolls and now I have a house full of Disney ones.

Due to the volume of packaging modern toys come with she didn't get dressed until midday as she was too busy unboxing and then playing with each toy.

The day would have been lovely had our baby not been a bit poorly. My poor mother in law has spent the whole day washing, as in the course of the night we went through several pairs of pyjamas and all the Muslin cloths we own. Because she had been ill I declined to go to the soft play and my exhausted husband had to brave it alone. Our daughter really enjoyed it so I am sure I'll get to go in the future.

And now we are all tucked up in bed, my husband isn't even listening to the game. Hopefully we will all be better rested tomorrow.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Birthday Party

Rotherham 2 Norwich 1

So today is our eldest's 4th Birthday Party, and when we planned our moved back to Norfolk this is the day I was dreading. Traditionally we have been hosting big parties for her at our house. I had really made a rod for my own back, and each year we invited more and more friends from her nursery and the decorations and food had been getting more and more elborate. She had even picked this year's theme, Cinderella, before her third birthday. And I knew in the weeks building up to the party she would be asking about who would be coming etc.

With the timing of our move I was worried that she wouldn't be established enough at her new nursery to have friends to invite to her party. This fear was actually causing me sleepless nights. Luckily this year she really wanted a soft play party and as the date got nearer and our move has moved further into the past she has stopped asking about her old friends and was focused on her new set of Norfolk friends. Who conveintly have been cultivated from my old school friend's children.

To be honest today's party was as much an excuse for her to see her new friends as it was for me to see my old friends. My sister even came down from London for the day for a catch up with them. I don't actually know why I had worried so much as my eldest had a great time with her guest.

The highlight for her was her cousin's from London coming to the party and as I write this now at 7.10 they are still going strong running around downstairs.

Soft play birthday parties are definitely the way forward and despite having to pay per child including the baby. I actually think it might be the cheapest party we have organised. Plus we even had a special Minion guest.

I do have a shout out to both my mum and my husband for their patience yesterday while I completing my show stopper bake of a Cinderella birthday cake. At one point when I was creating the skirt my mum kindly asked me what picture I was using and in my frustration at riped icing. I may have snapped back that I wasn't using a picture it was all in my head. I am therefore very grateful to both of you for your help yesterday and for your patience. And yes I am well aware you were joking about the poor lopsided doll when I was in the other room. And I agree I think she may have had a bit too much fruit punch at the ball. Luckily the birthdayzilla didn't make an appearance today. And the mammoth cake is already half eaten.

All that is left to add is that Farmer Fred's rocks and we will see you again next year.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Holkham Beach

Norwich 2 Southampton 2

No one had a good night's sleep last night. I'm not sure why but it meant when we finally woke up this morning, it was with four of us in the bed.

Breakfast and getting ready was a drawn out affair. Which ended with a cooked breakfast courtesy of my Mother in Law.

My husband isn't going to the game today, he along with his parents are not very impressed with the pricing structure for today's game. It's a shame as if there had been a cheaper family option I might have been convinced to take the girls.

Instead we decided to go for a walk. I had suggested Sandringham. But my husband had other ideas and suggested Holkham so we could walk in the woods and on the beach. Much to my husband's amazement I have never been to Holkham beach before. We used to always go to Holme as children. So I was really excited and the beach didn't disappoint. We strapped our baby to me. And we were off. Our eldest loved it but mainly as we were following two horses and following their tracks.

Now I have a confession to make I actually prefer the beach in the winter to the summer. Probably because it's quieter. Although it was very busy with walkers and birdwatchers today. But it just feels so serene. Standing on the sand dunes looking at the sea just reinforced for me that this is where I want to be and days like this are memories I want to give the girls. I genuinely belive we live in one of the most naturally unblemished parts of the country.

Although it comes at a price not only did we have to drive home listening to the Norwich game but the fog rolled in and ruined all the lovely views of the sea.

There is much anticipation in the household for a pleasurable evening tonight as we will be having a Chinese and watching Casualty apparently this is a classic Saturday during my husband's childhood. Now I have to explain to my husband that we never watched Casualty....

Monday, 2 January 2017


Norwich 3 Derby 0

When the girls and I left this morning my husband was undecided on whether he would go to the game today or not. He has been suffering from a bad cold, man flu. And as he's back at work tomorrow he wanted to rest up.

We were off out early this morning to go and see Moana at the cinema. My Mum and me took the girls to the Majestic Cinema in Kings Lynn, at £4.00 each this is a bargain to my London mind set when £12.00 wouldn't even pay for 1 ticket. The film was great and we all really enjoyed it. It was lovely taking the girls to the cinema that I have spent a lot of time in growing up. I loved that they still have the board outside displaying the film times.

After the film we of course had to go to old Mc Donalds which has changed a lot from when I was little and they had the flower and mushroom kiddie tables. I have to say the floor staff customer service is great in Mc Donalds and I really enjoyed my Big Mac.

One of the things that mistakenly got put into storage was all of our daughters pens and paints. So as Father Christmas didn't bring any I got her a few cheap bits from WH SMITHS she has already done some lovely pictures for her cousins. Although I seem to have done more pictures than her.

My husband did end up going to the game and seeing the result I bet he is pleased with his decision.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Year Resolutions

Discovered all my resolutions on my phone since becoming a mum I have added this year's to the list.

New year res - 2017
Learn to drive
Write book
Carry on with blog etc
Write in diary
Be a good mum - have a bit more patience

New year res - 2016
Lose the baby weight and regain my figure
Move to Norfolk
Learn to drive
Write everyday

New year res - 2015
Learn to drive
Go on holiday

New year res- 2014
Be positive

New year res- 2013
Be a good mum
Lose the baby weight and regain my figure

New year res- 2012
Learn harmonica
Learn to drive
Reduce caffeine and alchol intake
Take care of body Feel better