Saturday, 10 December 2016

The ship pub

Barnsley 2 Norwich 1

As I write this we are sitting in the Rose and Crown car park in the car in the rain listening to the Norwich game. We are waiting for our eldest to come back from the shops with Granny.

But I'll rewind to the start of the day. We spent last night with my parents and as I went to bed early with the baby I forgot to do elf on the shelf. Luckily while my daughter was having a wee I sneaked into her room and set Buddy up reading one of my favourite Christmas books.

We had a relaxing morning before heading to the Rose and Crown for lunch. We have been there a couple of times since we've been back at home, but each time they have been building in the playground so our daughter hasn't been able to use it. Luckily for her the work they were doing is now finished.  Not so luckily for us as we spent most of the meal playing there with her despite the rain.

We had a lovely meal, as always. And our baby enjoyed eating her sister fish and chips and a whole basket of bread. To stop her falling asleep granny took our eldest for a walk to the paper shop at the end of the meal. I think she came back with the whole contents of the shop.

It must have worked as we are now driving back to their house to a resounding chorus of Disney's The Lodge songs. I can't wait to get the CD of the soundtrack for Christmas.  It will make a change from the Frozen CD.

We're home now and while Peppa pig is on in the lounge my husband is listening to Norwich lose in the kitchen. I'm not sure which of the rooms I want to be in less. My mother in law and I both want to get our Christmas Cards written but the girls have other ideas.

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