Saturday, 31 December 2016


Brentford 0 Norwich 0

So today is a big football day in our house Rangers Celtic at Lunchtime and Brentford Norwich this evening.  As we only have one big TV the boys have taken over so Granny and I have opted to take the girls to the Pantomine. This is our second trip to the pantomine in Kings Lynn we went on boxing day and our eldest enjoyed it so much we promised we would take her again. It was really good although I did fall asleep before the interval as I was having a cuddle with our sleeping baby. But luckily one and a half ice creams revived me. My daughter loved the panto and is sad we can't go again. Today is the last performance. I have promised to sort out dance classes for her in the new year, so that maybe one day she can be in the pantomime.

The journey home was eventful as our 8 month old would not stop crying she's teething and after being in the theatre she just wanted to crawl. I have taken her and my eldest upstairs for milk, a cuddle and cbeebies I am pretending it's for the girls but really I want to see Tom Hardy reading the bedtime story.

Happy New Year.

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