Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Boxing Day

Reading 3 Norwich 1

So I am starting this blog a bit earlier than usual with all the festivities I feel I may get side track so I have to choose my moments.

It's a been a funny couple of weeks I am loving being back in Norfolk near all our family but I am sad that our London family will not be with us for Christmas. They all visited last weekend. As my sister is spending Christmas in Mexico with her boyfriend's family. And my brother in law is working over Christmas so he and his family are staying in London.

Due to this and the mild weather there has been a lot of "it doesn't feel like Christmas in the air."

The big day itself was a lot of fun we weren't woken up until 5.30am and we didn't start opening presents until 6.30am. Although it didn't feel like we stopped opening them all day. Our eldest was really well behaved and as a treat we let her stay up to watch Strictly.

We have spent today with my Dad at our annual lunch at Titchwell Manor. It was lovely as ever and both girls were really good they did a great kids starter of bread and crudités which our youngest lapped up. The setting is beautiful and is one of the many reasons why we decided to pack up our lives and move back here. Ironically the first people we saw when we entered the Manor were our next door neighbours from Enfield. It's a small world.

My Dad gave us two very successful Christmas gifts a Ken doll who now has his own harem of Barbie dolls and The CD soundtrack of Disney's The Lodge. This has been blasting from the car radio ever since.

My husband managed to avoid listening to the s**t show that was the football. For him the only Christmas present the team could give him would be a new manager. He didn't even stay up to watch Match of the Day.


  1. Aww... I know how it feels when you Christmas day arrived most are not around to celebrate with you. But look on the bright side, your kiddies are happy with the what they've received and that you are so lucky to have your Dad with up you. My Dad passed away a few years ago, and my sister passed away in the Summer. It could have been worse. Chin up and look on the bright side - it has given time to start the blog earlier doesn't it - Golden time! :) #DreamTeam

    1. Thank you, you are right I am very lucky.p

  2. It sounds like all in all you had a fab day, despite not having the whole family together. Well done dad on the fab gifts. It's so lovely when things all come together on the gift front. Cheers to a fabulous new year. Thank you for sharing with the #DreamTeam xx