Saturday, 31 December 2016


Brentford 0 Norwich 0

So today is a big football day in our house Rangers Celtic at Lunchtime and Brentford Norwich this evening.  As we only have one big TV the boys have taken over so Granny and I have opted to take the girls to the Pantomine. This is our second trip to the pantomine in Kings Lynn we went on boxing day and our eldest enjoyed it so much we promised we would take her again. It was really good although I did fall asleep before the interval as I was having a cuddle with our sleeping baby. But luckily one and a half ice creams revived me. My daughter loved the panto and is sad we can't go again. Today is the last performance. I have promised to sort out dance classes for her in the new year, so that maybe one day she can be in the pantomime.

The journey home was eventful as our 8 month old would not stop crying she's teething and after being in the theatre she just wanted to crawl. I have taken her and my eldest upstairs for milk, a cuddle and cbeebies I am pretending it's for the girls but really I want to see Tom Hardy reading the bedtime story.

Happy New Year.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Boxing Day

Reading 3 Norwich 1

So I am starting this blog a bit earlier than usual with all the festivities I feel I may get side track so I have to choose my moments.

It's a been a funny couple of weeks I am loving being back in Norfolk near all our family but I am sad that our London family will not be with us for Christmas. They all visited last weekend. As my sister is spending Christmas in Mexico with her boyfriend's family. And my brother in law is working over Christmas so he and his family are staying in London.

Due to this and the mild weather there has been a lot of "it doesn't feel like Christmas in the air."

The big day itself was a lot of fun we weren't woken up until 5.30am and we didn't start opening presents until 6.30am. Although it didn't feel like we stopped opening them all day. Our eldest was really well behaved and as a treat we let her stay up to watch Strictly.

We have spent today with my Dad at our annual lunch at Titchwell Manor. It was lovely as ever and both girls were really good they did a great kids starter of bread and crudités which our youngest lapped up. The setting is beautiful and is one of the many reasons why we decided to pack up our lives and move back here. Ironically the first people we saw when we entered the Manor were our next door neighbours from Enfield. It's a small world.

My Dad gave us two very successful Christmas gifts a Ken doll who now has his own harem of Barbie dolls and The CD soundtrack of Disney's The Lodge. This has been blasting from the car radio ever since.

My husband managed to avoid listening to the s**t show that was the football. For him the only Christmas present the team could give him would be a new manager. He didn't even stay up to watch Match of the Day.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Friday Night Football

Norwich 1 Huddersfield  2

So tonight hasn't exactly gone to plan my mother in law and I had planned to have a girl's night watching Corrie and maybe Nashville.

However my husband's had other ideas his 3 and a half hour commute is taking it's toll. So he has decided to watch the football at home instead of going to the game tonight.

I could watch Tattoo Fixers on 4OD but I should probably try to get the baby to settle. Her witching hour is between 8-9 and nothing short of lying in a dark room with her without any stimulation seems to settle her. I don't mind doing that on a school night but I would like to stay up until at least 9.30 on Friday night. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Arts and Crafts

Norwich 1 Aston Villa 0

So my husband started his new job yesterday which meant an early start for him today, at the moment he has a 1 hour and 45 minute commute. So as Norwich are at home tonight he is doing an Alan Partridge and staying in a Travel lodge.

This morning there was an arts and crafts morning at my eldest's new nursery culminating in Christmas Dinner for parents and siblings. I really enjoyed it as I am a huge arts and crafts fan and it gave me some good ideas for next year.

The dinner was also good I felt I should lead by example by eating everything they offered me. Including Christmas pudding. I am still on the fence about whether I like Christmas Pudding or not but I gave it a go. Complete with lumpy school custard.

Our next stop was a haircut for my eldest we went back to my old Hairdresser who I used to see before we moved to Enfield.  And I can't lie I've already booked myself in with her before Christmas it's been almost six months since my hair has seen the bleach bottle and in can't really carry it off as some trendy London do.

We then went to the local school's nativity play at the church I am worried my eldest will think Christmas is purely about presents and Santa so it was nice to have the opportunity to remind her about baby Jesus.

I am staying with my mum tonight so as a treat I went up and had a bath at 5.30 while my baby was asleep I've been in my pj's ever since. I am not sure I'll even make the end of the football.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

The ship pub

Barnsley 2 Norwich 1

As I write this we are sitting in the Rose and Crown car park in the car in the rain listening to the Norwich game. We are waiting for our eldest to come back from the shops with Granny.

But I'll rewind to the start of the day. We spent last night with my parents and as I went to bed early with the baby I forgot to do elf on the shelf. Luckily while my daughter was having a wee I sneaked into her room and set Buddy up reading one of my favourite Christmas books.

We had a relaxing morning before heading to the Rose and Crown for lunch. We have been there a couple of times since we've been back at home, but each time they have been building in the playground so our daughter hasn't been able to use it. Luckily for her the work they were doing is now finished.  Not so luckily for us as we spent most of the meal playing there with her despite the rain.

We had a lovely meal, as always. And our baby enjoyed eating her sister fish and chips and a whole basket of bread. To stop her falling asleep granny took our eldest for a walk to the paper shop at the end of the meal. I think she came back with the whole contents of the shop.

It must have worked as we are now driving back to their house to a resounding chorus of Disney's The Lodge songs. I can't wait to get the CD of the soundtrack for Christmas.  It will make a change from the Frozen CD.

We're home now and while Peppa pig is on in the lounge my husband is listening to Norwich lose in the kitchen. I'm not sure which of the rooms I want to be in less. My mother in law and I both want to get our Christmas Cards written but the girls have other ideas.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Humble Pie

Norwich 5 Brentford 0

So the day has finally come and we are living back in Norfolk and my husband is off to the football. Although as we are temporarily living with my in-laws at the moment it feels like we are just here for an extended holiday.

This morning we got up bright and early to watch The Princess Diaries 2 my eldest spent the whole film wanting the princess to kiss the boy, but as soon as it happened at the end she didn't want to see it and covered her eyes.

We were meant to be staying at my mum's last night but due to some wiring issues we were at the inlaws so my mum picked us up at my eldest daughters appointed time of 10 o'clock.

After a trip to the post office, our eldest is obsessed with PO, she asked Father Christmas for one for Christmas. And some fun in her Little Tykes car we had lunch before heading to Burham Market. Our first stop was the Bakery (Humble Pie) who have relocated above the fish shop and were giving away free mince pies and mulled wine. Nothing feels more Burham Market than walking around shops were you have no intention of buying anything whilst sipping mulled wine out of a disposable coffee cup.

We're now back at my mum's watching the Disney version of Robin Hood. My poor step dad has seen this one to many times now although he concedes it's better than watching Santa Claus The Movie again.

The result today if there were any doubters, is a resounding seal on our decisions to move back. Even the team is behind us.