Saturday, 19 November 2016

PJ Masks

QPR 2 Norwich 1

This morning found us driving back from Norfolk to London hopefully for the last time for a while. As next week we will be relocating to Norfolk. I am very excited although all the hard work is about to start. Sadly during our absence this week the boxes we have, haven't packer themselves.

Aside from packing the other reason we came back today was because PJ Masks were making an appearance in Palace Gardens in Enfield. Luckily we timed our shopping trip to coincide with their last appearance. And our eldest posed with all three of them and more importantly got to high five them.

My husband is very unhappy with the Norwich score but watching Ed Balls on Strictly has cheered him up. After today's result my husband would have called in sick.

Only one more away game and then we will be Right Back in Norfolk ......

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