Saturday, 26 November 2016

Lasts and Firsts

Derby 1 Norwich 0

We are moving house on Monday so the house is full of boxes. Which as you can imagine is a death trap waiting to happen. Especially with 2 small children. My inlaws have come over today to help look after the girls while we pack. Although we haven't really achieved much. We have got to the point where we've packed as much as we can, as we still need to live in the house.

Our eldest has gone with her grandparents for a sleepover at her cousins tonight. So without realising it last night was our last night in this house as a family of 4. This has made me think about all the other last times I have unintentionally missed. Like the trip to the shops, the library and the playground. Ironically a trip to the playground is one I try to avoid if I can as I hate getting cold pushing a screaming baby around; whilst my eldest climbs things she is too small for. But suddenly the idea I have not catalogued her last trip there with me makes me want to break down in tears. Luckily there is packing to be done so I can focus on that instead of getting too maudlin. It doesn't help that she was so excited about the sleepover that she barely kissed me goodbye. The lure of her cousins Paw Patrol toys was just too exciting.

Thinking about lasts this is the last blog entry from Enfield my next one will be written as a Norfolk citizen again. And in just over two weeks time my husband will be attending his first night game at home in years. In fact from Monday my little family will have lots of firsts to look forward to, so to help me sleep tonight I will think about all the firsts we have to look forward to and not dwell on the lasts I didn't pay attention to. As John Lenon says. "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

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