Saturday, 5 November 2016



Norwich 2 Leeds 3

We've had a bit of a demoralising week. We've been trying to find a new house to rent and sadly nobody seems to want to rent to a family of four. If the Daily Mail is interested our three year old can do a great sad face. The upside of this, as you always have to look for one, is that maybe it's time to stop renting and actually buy our own property. So me and my husband are now taking the first steps into getting a mortage. I finally after marriage and two children feel like an adult.

We decided to give ourselves the day off from property woe so my husband could go to the football and I could spend time with the girls. Our eldest has been with my parents for a few days and I've really missed her.

We spent a lovely morning playing easy rules to my sister and my old board games before heading over to a friends after lunch. My eldest was in her element playing with her friends toys.

My eldest is now looking forward to fireworks when her dad get back from the football. My mum got them a year ago so they should go off with an extra bang.

It's been nice after several set backs this last week to reconnect as a family and really take control of our new and exciting situation. Our family is about to embark on a very exciting new chapter.

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