Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Calm before the storm

England 2 Spain 2

So move day in our household grows ever nearer and we have not yet started packing. The boxes are coming tomorrow though and how long can it take! I wanted to de clutter before we move but I can see me panic throwing stuff into boxes at the last minute.

Today was my husband's last day at his current job and luckily he has a month off before starting the new one. Sadly for him he cannot relax as we need to start house hunting! I'm letting him watch the football tonight first though.

While the football is on and tea is cooking I have been looking up random stuff on my phone I try to limit my phone usage around my eldest so this evening is a treat especially as our baby is asleep no doubt she will just wake up as we serve dinner.

I have just started baby led weaning with her which is going well and I have been trying to give her what we eat but tonight is a solely adult tea. Due to the salt content. I'll be better tomorrow. I completely forgot she was on solids now until lunch time today when I had to give her a make shift cheese sandwich.

Tomorrow my eldest has a funky hair day at nursery she has asked for purple hair. She is getting bunches, if she holds still for long enough.

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