Saturday, 22 October 2016


Norwich 0 Preston 1

So it's finally happened my husband has finally on a football Saturday left me back at home. It's the first time this season. When I conceived this blog I thought I would often write about what I got up to with the girls of a Saturday. However as I've been on maternity leave we have been able to visit the parents in Norfolk far more often.

My husband's brother is going to the game with him today so he has company on the car journey. Which is good but last time they drove up together our car got a flat tyre I hope lighting doesn't strike twice. Also Norwich never win when he goes.

Our eldest has been desperate to see the new trolls film. The advertising in shops and on buses around here has been crazy so I decided today would be a good day to take her. As she is not the most patient person, what three year old is, I booked tickets for the middle of the day which meant having our lunch at nursery lunch time 11.30 I will be starving later.

I tried to get to the cinema as late as possible to avoid all the adverts. But we still arrived 10 mins before the film stated. Our cinema going has been a bit hit and miss in the past. I normally only take her to the cheap Movies for Junior showings so if we leave early it doesn't matter, however today's show is her first proper new release with popcorn and a special drink cup so luckily we made it to the end. I think she enjoyed the film and our baby loved it so I have a feeling Father Christmas will be off to buy a host of trolls toys this Christmas.

After the film I had to go home and have a cup of tea before heading back out to get food for tea. My daughter dragged me around the toy shop for half an hour before choosing a pair of ear muffs from the pound shop, as a treat for being a good girl. She thinks they are head phones and keeps telling me she can't here me when she wears them.

Flying solo I managed to get both of them bathed and ready for bed at bedtime, but I had promised my eldest she could watch the dancing show so they both came back downstairs where I got on with tea with occasional help. She finally went to bed just as the dancing finished and my husband got home. Roll on bed. I hope this is the last time we do this type of Saturday I'm exhausted.

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