Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Social Media

Slovenia 0 England 0

So currently I should be writing my blog as my other half is watching the football. Instead I am surfing the Internet on my phone android procrastinating.

Things I have been looking at include instagram. I am still not quite sure how it works my follows go up and down depending on the time of day sometimes it's 166 sometimes 170. And all I seem to like are photos of Disney, random babies and macaroons.

Twitter mainly focusing on the US election, I have to keep reminding myself a) I'm not American and b) I only know two Americans and they aren't on twitter, so I don't need to remind them to vote.

And then of course the World Wide Web where I am trying to find out what happens in last night's Two Broke Girls in the US. Mainly because I enjoyed the Max and Randy love story.

And that's reminds me I haven't checked Facebook in a while!

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