Saturday, 8 October 2016

Road Trip

England 2 Malta 0

So I'm currently sat in the back seat of our car on the way back from Norwich listening to the football. I'm in the back as otherwise our baby would scream the car down.
Our eldest is having a sleep over at her cousins tonight so as a treat for her and us she got picked up early this morning so she could spend the whole day playing with her cousins Paw Patrol toys.

We have spent the day reacquainting ourselves with Norwich and the surrounding areas. I pointed out the street where my best friend moved to when she was eight and then we spent a long time trying to figure where the playground and video shop I used to go to when I visited her where.

We also had a wander around Norwich city centre and had lunch in Jamie's Italian which was a rare treat as a) we didn't have an impatient 3 year old with us. And b) it felt like fine dinning compared to the options we currently have on our doorstep back home.

We are on our way home now so my husband can be back in time to watch the Scotland game tonight. I think he is in the process of sacking England as his national team and supporting Scotland instead. His father is Scottish so it's not a big stretch. But it annoyingly means even more football on in the house.


  1. My husband isn't gung-ho on any one team or sport but he just watches ALL the sports so I know your pain. #kcacols

  2. Mine will watch any sport given half a chance.

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