Saturday, 15 October 2016


Norwich 3 Rotherham

We've spent another football weekend in Norfolk, and while my husband goes off the football, my mum and I have taken the girls to Farmer Fred's.  My best friend, growing up, conveintly has a daughter the same age as my eldest so we met them there. Stupidly I thought we could have a catch up but instead we spent two hours running around after all our children but at least my two enjoyed it. One of the highlights was seeing a staff member in a Minion costume for a child birthday party. I have a feeling this Minion may now be coming to our eldest's Cinderella themed 4th Birthday. 

Back at Granny's house I had the clever idea of getting out our old Operation game as our eldest always says she wants the game when she sees the advert. Although to be fair she wants everthing she see advertised. However it was like the blind leading the blind we were trying to get a 30 year old version of Operation to work with batteries that expired in 2000. To distract her from this episode, whilst I fed the baby, my mum put Disney's Robin Hood on. I had forgotten how good looking Fox Robin is, it may need repeat viewing.

I also did my daughterly duty in downloading Facebook Messenger onto my step dad's phone for my Mum although for my own sanity I haven't taught her how the emojis on it yet.

In the hope it means she might sleep in our  three year old has been allowed to stay up a bit later to watch Strictly Come Dancing tonight. She has been trying to copy the dances on the screen as they happen with the aid of her Dad.  I'm not sure my husband has the energy to last all 12 dances. Although I'm sure she has.

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