Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Extra Time

Leeds Norwich - Leeds win on penalties

My husband has just come upstairs to warn me the game has gone to extra time. Tbf I'd already seen that on twitter but it was nice of him to keep me informed. I have already come up to bed tonight such is my interest in the game.

Although I was also excited to try out a new shampoo I got today, so a cup game was hardly going to keep me downstairs. I have been complaining a bit today as I think I am coming down with a cold. For some reason colds always bring out the worst in me and I can be a miserable sod. Hopefully it will pass quickly. My eldest told me she was also getting a cold and that I couldn't have one as only one of us is allowed to be sick.

She has rediscover the Home Alone films this week mainly thanks to my husband and we have had then on repeat the last few days. She has had me acting out the scene in the second film at the airport baggage area this evening. With lots of shrieked Kevins.

Christmas has therefore been on my mind today as I went out to buy the girls matching Xmas dresses and tops from Next and Mothercare. I hope in years to come they forgive me.

The best thing about extra time is that I can read for longer. I only have three more Agatha Raisin books left to read and they need to go back to the library next week so I'd better be getting on.

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  1. Thanks so much for the Twitter follow. I used to dress my girls in matching outfits, they liked it, at least I think they did, if not they've forgiven me. Enjoy the books, hope you get them back to the library in time, don't want a fine. Good luck surviving the football season x