Saturday, 1 October 2016


Wolves 1 Norwich 2

We only hate Wolves and Ipswich...

I hate late games on a Saturday as they conveniently coincide with bedtime. And as the game kicks off tonight I am sat breast feeding on the kitchen floor. As our three year old checks my hair for nits with the blue plastic tweezers that came in her doctors kit.

We have actually yet to be visited by the nit fairy. But thanks to a scare a couple of weeks ago and that episode of Topsy and Tim recently being on TV she has decided she needs to check my hair. Luckily I have been pronounced nit, or knot as she calls them, free and it's off for a relatively easy bedtime.

She even tells me she is tired tonight this is mainly due to the two hour walk/ scooter ride we went on earlier. 30 minutes of which was spent wandering around a toy shop with Daddy. One of her favourite bonding activities.

We've been up early today after a fractured nights sleep. Our eldest refused to go to bed last night as she wanted to watch the DCOM Adventures in Babysitting. The only way she would go was if I promised to watch it with her very early in the morning. This was a great plan, however as her attention span only lasts an hour, soon enough she was pretending our sofa was a soft play apparatus while I was engrossed in the film.

My sister came for a visit mid morning which provided some light relief for us while they played supermarkets. Another highlight of the day for her was using her dad's old Ghost Castle game as a haunted house for her Peppa Pig toys.

But getting back to the game. After our eldest had gone to bed I came back downstairs to feed our baby and start this blog. I tried conversing/ distracting my husband by discussing a Wolves fan friend he had that took him out drinking back in 2002 to give him the Dutch courage to ask me out. However my husband didn't want to get embroiled in what football game they had been watching at the pub. Knowing the date of course would help. But I was just so pleased he'd asked me out I forgot to make a note if it.

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  1. Glad to hear you were pronounced nit-free! The nit fairy has sadly visited us once or twice but we found Vamousse was quite effective at getting rid of them. I have that Ghost Castle game from when I was little - have yet to introduce it to the girls but I quite like the idea of using it as a haunted house for Peppa Pig :-)