Saturday, 29 October 2016

Adventure Play

Brighton 5 Norwich 0

So it's finally happened we have the sort of weekend ahead that I have dreaded since having children. That's right we have two parties to go to. At least they are on two separate days.

This morning finds us on our way to Wanstead for Adventure Play. The thing I hate most about London is that driving even 20 miles takes an hour and a half. Which feels like twice as long with an impatient three year old and a crying baby. Especially as I have to sit in the back with them.

Our eldest enjoyed the adventure play and we got to catch up with some of our old friends so it was worth the effort and of course as the party was at 10.15 we got home in time for my husband to listen to the Norwich game.

After the result I'm not sure he was so pleased to be back. He is even calling for Paul Lambert to return.

To combat the extra hour tomorrow we let our eldest stay up and watch Strictly tonight. Although I am sure my husband will get a lie in tomorrow I fear I am in for an extra hour of Peppa pig in the morning.

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