Saturday, 29 October 2016

Adventure Play

Brighton 5 Norwich 0

So it's finally happened we have the sort of weekend ahead that I have dreaded since having children. That's right we have two parties to go to. At least they are on two separate days.

This morning finds us on our way to Wanstead for Adventure Play. The thing I hate most about London is that driving even 20 miles takes an hour and a half. Which feels like twice as long with an impatient three year old and a crying baby. Especially as I have to sit in the back with them.

Our eldest enjoyed the adventure play and we got to catch up with some of our old friends so it was worth the effort and of course as the party was at 10.15 we got home in time for my husband to listen to the Norwich game.

After the result I'm not sure he was so pleased to be back. He is even calling for Paul Lambert to return.

To combat the extra hour tomorrow we let our eldest stay up and watch Strictly tonight. Although I am sure my husband will get a lie in tomorrow I fear I am in for an extra hour of Peppa pig in the morning.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Extra Time

Leeds Norwich - Leeds win on penalties

My husband has just come upstairs to warn me the game has gone to extra time. Tbf I'd already seen that on twitter but it was nice of him to keep me informed. I have already come up to bed tonight such is my interest in the game.

Although I was also excited to try out a new shampoo I got today, so a cup game was hardly going to keep me downstairs. I have been complaining a bit today as I think I am coming down with a cold. For some reason colds always bring out the worst in me and I can be a miserable sod. Hopefully it will pass quickly. My eldest told me she was also getting a cold and that I couldn't have one as only one of us is allowed to be sick.

She has rediscover the Home Alone films this week mainly thanks to my husband and we have had then on repeat the last few days. She has had me acting out the scene in the second film at the airport baggage area this evening. With lots of shrieked Kevins.

Christmas has therefore been on my mind today as I went out to buy the girls matching Xmas dresses and tops from Next and Mothercare. I hope in years to come they forgive me.

The best thing about extra time is that I can read for longer. I only have three more Agatha Raisin books left to read and they need to go back to the library next week so I'd better be getting on.

Saturday, 22 October 2016


Norwich 0 Preston 1

So it's finally happened my husband has finally on a football Saturday left me back at home. It's the first time this season. When I conceived this blog I thought I would often write about what I got up to with the girls of a Saturday. However as I've been on maternity leave we have been able to visit the parents in Norfolk far more often.

My husband's brother is going to the game with him today so he has company on the car journey. Which is good but last time they drove up together our car got a flat tyre I hope lighting doesn't strike twice. Also Norwich never win when he goes.

Our eldest has been desperate to see the new trolls film. The advertising in shops and on buses around here has been crazy so I decided today would be a good day to take her. As she is not the most patient person, what three year old is, I booked tickets for the middle of the day which meant having our lunch at nursery lunch time 11.30 I will be starving later.

I tried to get to the cinema as late as possible to avoid all the adverts. But we still arrived 10 mins before the film stated. Our cinema going has been a bit hit and miss in the past. I normally only take her to the cheap Movies for Junior showings so if we leave early it doesn't matter, however today's show is her first proper new release with popcorn and a special drink cup so luckily we made it to the end. I think she enjoyed the film and our baby loved it so I have a feeling Father Christmas will be off to buy a host of trolls toys this Christmas.

After the film I had to go home and have a cup of tea before heading back out to get food for tea. My daughter dragged me around the toy shop for half an hour before choosing a pair of ear muffs from the pound shop, as a treat for being a good girl. She thinks they are head phones and keeps telling me she can't here me when she wears them.

Flying solo I managed to get both of them bathed and ready for bed at bedtime, but I had promised my eldest she could watch the dancing show so they both came back downstairs where I got on with tea with occasional help. She finally went to bed just as the dancing finished and my husband got home. Roll on bed. I hope this is the last time we do this type of Saturday I'm exhausted.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Fulham 2 Norwich 2

I'm trying to write tonight but my baby and husband keep distracting me with general cuteness and tales of their day respectively.

Our baby has been learning to crawl over the last few days and is getting very good at moving around in circles. And of course headbutting tables etc. As I am in denial about the crawling and have yet to baby proof.

It's something to add to the to do list along with upgrading my nappy bag from a rucksack with no pockets to my yummy mummy bag. And the Agatha Raisin esq. book I plan to write as soon as I get some spare time.

I am glad tonight's away game is a week night as several times in the past my husband has been tempted to go to Craven Cottage as it's a cheap London game. Compared to Chelsea and the like. And as Norwich haven't won there in a long time he always come back in a bad move.

And finally we are getting in the Christmas spirit tonight with a box of M&S After Dinner Mint Chocolates. I fear the box may all be gone by the weekend.

Saturday, 15 October 2016


Norwich 3 Rotherham

We've spent another football weekend in Norfolk, and while my husband goes off the football, my mum and I have taken the girls to Farmer Fred's.  My best friend, growing up, conveintly has a daughter the same age as my eldest so we met them there. Stupidly I thought we could have a catch up but instead we spent two hours running around after all our children but at least my two enjoyed it. One of the highlights was seeing a staff member in a Minion costume for a child birthday party. I have a feeling this Minion may now be coming to our eldest's Cinderella themed 4th Birthday. 

Back at Granny's house I had the clever idea of getting out our old Operation game as our eldest always says she wants the game when she sees the advert. Although to be fair she wants everthing she see advertised. However it was like the blind leading the blind we were trying to get a 30 year old version of Operation to work with batteries that expired in 2000. To distract her from this episode, whilst I fed the baby, my mum put Disney's Robin Hood on. I had forgotten how good looking Fox Robin is, it may need repeat viewing.

I also did my daughterly duty in downloading Facebook Messenger onto my step dad's phone for my Mum although for my own sanity I haven't taught her how the emojis on it yet.

In the hope it means she might sleep in our  three year old has been allowed to stay up a bit later to watch Strictly Come Dancing tonight. She has been trying to copy the dances on the screen as they happen with the aid of her Dad.  I'm not sure my husband has the energy to last all 12 dances. Although I'm sure she has.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Social Media

Slovenia 0 England 0

So currently I should be writing my blog as my other half is watching the football. Instead I am surfing the Internet on my phone android procrastinating.

Things I have been looking at include instagram. I am still not quite sure how it works my follows go up and down depending on the time of day sometimes it's 166 sometimes 170. And all I seem to like are photos of Disney, random babies and macaroons.

Twitter mainly focusing on the US election, I have to keep reminding myself a) I'm not American and b) I only know two Americans and they aren't on twitter, so I don't need to remind them to vote.

And then of course the World Wide Web where I am trying to find out what happens in last night's Two Broke Girls in the US. Mainly because I enjoyed the Max and Randy love story.

And that's reminds me I haven't checked Facebook in a while!

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Road Trip

England 2 Malta 0

So I'm currently sat in the back seat of our car on the way back from Norwich listening to the football. I'm in the back as otherwise our baby would scream the car down.
Our eldest is having a sleep over at her cousins tonight so as a treat for her and us she got picked up early this morning so she could spend the whole day playing with her cousins Paw Patrol toys.

We have spent the day reacquainting ourselves with Norwich and the surrounding areas. I pointed out the street where my best friend moved to when she was eight and then we spent a long time trying to figure where the playground and video shop I used to go to when I visited her where.

We also had a wander around Norwich city centre and had lunch in Jamie's Italian which was a rare treat as a) we didn't have an impatient 3 year old with us. And b) it felt like fine dinning compared to the options we currently have on our doorstep back home.

We are on our way home now so my husband can be back in time to watch the Scotland game tonight. I think he is in the process of sacking England as his national team and supporting Scotland instead. His father is Scottish so it's not a big stretch. But it annoyingly means even more football on in the house.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

National Poetry Day

To celebrate National Poetry day here is a poem about my Eldest's first year.

Three weeks too early
You arrived in a snowstorm
a fresh white blanket.

The baby basket
now full of bunnies and chicks
promises new life.

Blue skies above us
sunscreen makes your eyes water
collecting sea shells.

Carving a pumpkin
too small for trick or treating
silly fancy dress.

Red and green baubles
dangle from the indoor tree
careful do not touch.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Agatha Raisin

So it's one of those lovely International Breaks which means I can watch what I want on the telly. So far we have watched a Musketeers and finished rewatching season 2 of Parks and Recreations. If you have never seen it, please do it is so sweet and funny and the slap stick moments which happen suprising often are to be cherished.

This week I have also discovered that my brilliant local library offer all the Agatha Raisin book as E books. Although I am not normally the biggest fan of this format. I seem to be able to read a book in this series in approx 24 hours so being able to read them on my phone is amazing. And saves a few trips to the library to collect and return them. There is a running joke in our house about how quickly I read. The secret is to read every third word. That way if you re-read the book, something I like to do, and read say every second or fourth word it like reading a new book everytime.

I best head off now as the Bake Off is about to start. However one question I would like answered this week before I go is do anybody else's 3 year old act out the Vanish Gold adverts in the bath?

Saturday, 1 October 2016


Wolves 1 Norwich 2

We only hate Wolves and Ipswich...

I hate late games on a Saturday as they conveniently coincide with bedtime. And as the game kicks off tonight I am sat breast feeding on the kitchen floor. As our three year old checks my hair for nits with the blue plastic tweezers that came in her doctors kit.

We have actually yet to be visited by the nit fairy. But thanks to a scare a couple of weeks ago and that episode of Topsy and Tim recently being on TV she has decided she needs to check my hair. Luckily I have been pronounced nit, or knot as she calls them, free and it's off for a relatively easy bedtime.

She even tells me she is tired tonight this is mainly due to the two hour walk/ scooter ride we went on earlier. 30 minutes of which was spent wandering around a toy shop with Daddy. One of her favourite bonding activities.

We've been up early today after a fractured nights sleep. Our eldest refused to go to bed last night as she wanted to watch the DCOM Adventures in Babysitting. The only way she would go was if I promised to watch it with her very early in the morning. This was a great plan, however as her attention span only lasts an hour, soon enough she was pretending our sofa was a soft play apparatus while I was engrossed in the film.

My sister came for a visit mid morning which provided some light relief for us while they played supermarkets. Another highlight of the day for her was using her dad's old Ghost Castle game as a haunted house for her Peppa Pig toys.

But getting back to the game. After our eldest had gone to bed I came back downstairs to feed our baby and start this blog. I tried conversing/ distracting my husband by discussing a Wolves fan friend he had that took him out drinking back in 2002 to give him the Dutch courage to ask me out. However my husband didn't want to get embroiled in what football game they had been watching at the pub. Knowing the date of course would help. But I was just so pleased he'd asked me out I forgot to make a note if it.