Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Weekend

So I have really enjoyed the international break. We managed to watch two films, two nights in a row. Something we have failed to do all summer. "Ant-man" which was excellent and "Sisters" which almost convinced me to throw my own Facebook party for my high school friends, so much so I WhatsApp my sister who was on her way to Bali to plan. Until I saw the total devastation of their parents house. Which reminded me why I never had a party at home when I was a kid. I told my husband we will never leave the girls alone so they dob't have tge chance to trash our house. We had a similar discussion after watching "Project X" just after our eldest was born.

We even managed to play a game as a family, as for once on a Saturday afternoon none of us had any chores, it was too wet for gardening. The game of choice was Ben and Holly mini figures but it's the act that counts.

While the England game was on the eldest and me indulged in some Halloween arts and crafts as a) it's too early for Christmas ones and b) she is obessed with Halloween. I'm not sure why. Which resulted in her going to bed with one very black palm, as the paint we were using to make toilet roll black cats is not quite water proof. Hopefully it will have faded by the time she goes to nursery on Tuesday.

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