Friday, 16 September 2016

Show me, show me

Nottingham Forest 1 Norwich 2

Ten worms wiggling waving hello.

So it's an early start again today and I am trying to play a simplified version of Monopoly with my 3 year old at 6.00 am it's still dark outside and even she has conceded it's not morning yet. I've been promised a lie in tomorrow but if she this early again I'm not sure my husband will wake up.

We have also been playing picnics this morning with our babies, mine of course is real and my eldest's is my old teddy, Boo Boo, from when I was a child. In a Toy Story way it's nice that one of her favourite toys is my favourite old teddy. Whom I bought from Clinton's Cards circa 1987. My mum hated him as he has a tear drop in one eye, as he has to use the American phrase has a "boo boo", but to me he is still the little monkey that just needed a bit of love.

We also had a dance party this morning.  I have been trying to wean our eldest off the TV. Otherwise known as a lazy, but at times very handy, babysitter. So the husband initially put on his new David Brent CD until she had a tantrum and we put on the Spice Girls. She once watch an afternoon of their video on a music channel whilst being babysat by my sister and now she thinks she's the sixth member.  Her favourite song is of course wannabee.....

After lunch following this nostalgic theme. We went to see the Chris and Pui Roadshow (Show me Show me). I remember Chris Jarvis when he started on kids TV. My husband drove us and then headed home to listen to the game. When our eldest first asked to see the show I agreed hoping she would forget as she didn't really watch their show. But since our early morning starts began we seem to watch the show every day and let's face it a trip to the theatre is always more fun than to the playground in the cold. Lucky they still had a few tickets left! The show was really good even the baby enjoyed it. And me and our eldest sang along with all the songs. I will be going on Amazon later to look for Show me Show me toys for Christmas.  The only downside was on the way home we sat upstairs on the bus and my eldest spotted at least two new playgrounds she wants to visit.

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