Saturday, 24 September 2016

Paint Me

Norwich 3 Burton 1

We're home in Norfolk again for the weekend, and this time we are staying with the inlaws, or outlaws as one of my friends refers to hers. My eldest finds it funny when I refer to Norfolk as home, which as I was brought up here it is. However I do tend to call wherever I am sleeping for the night home. This is true of hotels as well.

We have big plans today. A trip to Dersingham playground and Paint Me Ceramics in Hunstanton.

My husband and I spent many afternoons playing in Dersingham as kids and whenever we drive past we promise we will take our daughter and today is the big day. It has obviously changed a lot since the 80's but my two biggest shocks were that the slide on the hill has gone. My husband has a whole story about how he nearly died when his coat got caught at the top of this slide so I assume this news will please him. But even more shocking was how tiny the hill looks now, even my daughter looked big next to it. It was a lot of fun and as my Mum was with us I got to go on some of the more grown up bits as I didn't have a baby to look after.

After lunch while the football was on we went to Paint Me Ceramics. This is one of those places that you take the kids to not because you think they would like it, although you pretend this is the reason. But because you really want to do it yourself. We were lucky as the baby napped for most of our visit so while mum and I created masterpieces our eldest played with the toys they had, which included a Ben and Holly Castle. And painted her witch decoration only when we bribed her with a lolly pop. My sister is desperate to do ceramic painting so I of course had to WhatsApp her some pictures to make her jealous. She has notably not responded yet.


  1. Thats so of those places you go to pretending its for them, but really because you want to go yourself! Hope you all enjoyed it. x