Saturday, 10 September 2016

Date Night

Norwich 3 Cardiff 2

So we are home in Norfolk for the weekend visiting my parents. My husband took a half day yesterday so we could come up early. And as our eldest no longer has dummies she managed to stay awake for the whole journey. Now if she hadn't spent 90% of the journey asking "are we nearly here yet?" It would have been a good thing. But at least it means she went to bed at a reasonable time last night. Only an hour later than normal. Sadly for Grandma this didn't mean she woke up later in fact she woke my Mum up at 5.45 this morning but the rest of us got a lie in until 9. Which is one of the best things about going home.

After breakfast and a shower the inlaws arrived to see their Grandchildren and take my Husband away to the football. Leaving us girls to go shopping. Our eldest has somehow managed to cobble together £4.00 pocket money. I think she raided her money box and her Grandad's pockets. And I have a voucher to spend.

So of course like any good second home owning Londoners we are off to Burham Market where I spend my voucher and then some. And she spends her pocket money and then some.

She impressed her Grandma by choosing with a bit of help from me a kalediscope. Sadly though only she wanted one as the main character in one of her favourite film, the made for TV movie Liar Liar Vampire, collects them. I am well aware that the film is far too old for her but Bella from Bella and the Bulldogs is in it and she loves the whole damsel in distress ending.

The weather is so horrid today it somewhat curbs our exploits and we soon head for home. 

We're having a date night tonight as it's inbetween both our birthdays but as I have failed miserable at bottle feeding we are taking the baby with us. When I say failed miserable what I really mean is I haven't really offered a bottle since week 12. She's now 18 weeks.

Our night out was a bit up and down the ups were that the food was lovely. The tempura oyster I had to start was the best thing I have eaten in ages. And the staff were very accomdating of the baby. The downs were that as lovely as the food was we only ate our pudding together due to said baby, who refused to sleep or eat she just wanted to look at everything and be bounced around. In the end we asked the taxi (mum) to collect us early. I can't be too mad though as she is so darn cute.

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