Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Everton 0 Norwich 2

"Mummy what did you do today?"

My eldest asks as I pick her up from nursery. I'm slightly later than normal as her sister had a quick (slow) feed before I left home to pick her up.

In answer to her question I went to a baby screening of Bridget Jones's Baby today. Coffee and a cake were included with the ticket. It would have been a thoroughly enjoyable experience had the baby not pooed 30 mins into the film. I think the mother next to me thought I was feral as I merely changed her in the aisle. And as I had no nappy bags on me I left the dirty nappy by my feet until it was time to leave. When I got home I was quite impressed by how clean she was. As in the dark I had no idea what I was doing or how messy she was.

With my eldest I went to the cinema all the time, but as we live further away now and to be honest I am a lot lazier this time around. I'm not sure it's a trip I will make again. But at least I've been out today rather than staying in and binge watching Judge Rinder.

Tonight for tea we were meant to be having salmon. A product we have been having supply issues with of late. In other words recently the salmon we have been getting for one reason or another seems to be off. Also since the birth of our second child I seem to have lost my ability to cook. Whereas before her birth I could count on one hand all my culinary disasters, now to put it nicely I need a lot more hands. So it was with trepidation that I went to prepare tonight's tea only to find that one of the main ingredients ginger has gone off. So I am saved for another night and we're having the relatively easy tea of jacket potatoes and pork chops. Now my only task is to cook it in time to ensure my husband doesn't miss any of the football.

On a last note inspired by my blog he has promised he will start his soon. So watch this space....

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