Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Bake off

Norwich 2 Wigan 1

So tomorrow nights game is not written on the calendar, however my Husbaand assures me it is a home game and it's definitely happening. He is in charge of writing Norwich games on the calender as a) I haven't got the best handwriting and b) I'm a bit lazy and I would only write H or A not the team name. I only write b'day for birthday!

When I check this morning "H Wigan" has appeared on the calendar, but as I was not the last to go to bed last night this could have been added after our conversation or more likely I was just looking at the 20th.

Our eldest woke up at 6.30 this morning as she was so excited to show her dad her new skipping rope. She can't actually skip yet she just jumps in front of it saying skip, skip, skip.

It's my Husband's birthday on Friday so today I have to locate all of his presents that I have hidden around the house and then wrap them then hide them again.

Although I have just put the TV on and discovered the US version of "Snog Marry or Avoid" so I'm not sure how productive today is going to be...

Presents are now wrapped and hidden and tea is in the oven.  And luckily for me commentary is on the tablet  and another game of football is on the telly. Thank god "Tattoos Fixers" is on later, although I doubt I'll get the chance to watch it.

We had planned to have jackets for tea tonight but as it's a heatwave I don't think  this was a good idea as our kitchen is in a climate all off it own. Mainly due to the hundred spotlights it takes to light it. So we're having new potatoes instead but even so it's not just the food that is cooking in here.

My day has of course been rocked by the news that not only has the "Bake off" gone to Channel 4 but Mel and Sue are leaving. I love Mel and Sue I met them several times when they hosted "Light Lunch" and I really hope the BBC give them another show based around food. My dreams of being on the "Bake Off" are now over I'd Boycott it this week but I cannot miss the first batter week.

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