Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Up West

Newcastle 4 Norwich 3

So my husband has promised I can watch the Bake Off tonight and he will listen to the game on his earphones, or ear muffs as our daughter calls them.

He has already cooked tea and is currently washing up so I'm not going to complain. But between you and me there has been a lot of football on already this week so maybe he is trying to appease me. I suggested watching a film on Friday night and he was very cagey about whether that would happen or not.

I have spent the last two days Christmas shopping aware that I am now on the basic rations of maternity pay. I thought I would squander what I had left on stocking fillers for the girls. I have no idea how to do stocking for siblings. My sister is my twin and Father Christmas bought us matching stockings so I am winging the present thing a bit. Although the baby won't really know what's going on I'm sure her sister will enjoy opening twice as many presents.

I took the baby to Harrods today as I fancied a trip up west. I wanted to get her a baby's first Christmas decoration, that didn't quite work out, I ended up buying the sort of tacky decoration I love and my husband hates. She loved all the soft toys especially the teddy bears so I think one might be under the tree for her this year.

I have vowed not to make such a trip again as I am shattered now and to be honest I'm not sure I will make it to the end if the Bake Off. And I'll definitely be tucked up in bed before the game ends.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Being a Mum

Despite the fact that I am nearer forty now than thirty  and I have two children. I still don't 100% feel like a grow up. Maybe it's becuase I spend most of my day playing. But sometimes the smallest thing will remind me that I am the mother now. Driving back from visiting family I sat in the back seat squashed inbetween two car seats while both my daughters slept. Covering my eldest with my jumper reminded me of being little and snuggling down under my mother's jumper on long car journeys home. This nostalgic memory convinced me that although sometimes being a grown up is the hard at least I'm hopefully getting the little things right.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Paint Me

Norwich 3 Burton 1

We're home in Norfolk again for the weekend, and this time we are staying with the inlaws, or outlaws as one of my friends refers to hers. My eldest finds it funny when I refer to Norfolk as home, which as I was brought up here it is. However I do tend to call wherever I am sleeping for the night home. This is true of hotels as well.

We have big plans today. A trip to Dersingham playground and Paint Me Ceramics in Hunstanton.

My husband and I spent many afternoons playing in Dersingham as kids and whenever we drive past we promise we will take our daughter and today is the big day. It has obviously changed a lot since the 80's but my two biggest shocks were that the slide on the hill has gone. My husband has a whole story about how he nearly died when his coat got caught at the top of this slide so I assume this news will please him. But even more shocking was how tiny the hill looks now, even my daughter looked big next to it. It was a lot of fun and as my Mum was with us I got to go on some of the more grown up bits as I didn't have a baby to look after.

After lunch while the football was on we went to Paint Me Ceramics. This is one of those places that you take the kids to not because you think they would like it, although you pretend this is the reason. But because you really want to do it yourself. We were lucky as the baby napped for most of our visit so while mum and I created masterpieces our eldest played with the toys they had, which included a Ben and Holly Castle. And painted her witch decoration only when we bribed her with a lolly pop. My sister is desperate to do ceramic painting so I of course had to WhatsApp her some pictures to make her jealous. She has notably not responded yet.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Everton 0 Norwich 2

"Mummy what did you do today?"

My eldest asks as I pick her up from nursery. I'm slightly later than normal as her sister had a quick (slow) feed before I left home to pick her up.

In answer to her question I went to a baby screening of Bridget Jones's Baby today. Coffee and a cake were included with the ticket. It would have been a thoroughly enjoyable experience had the baby not pooed 30 mins into the film. I think the mother next to me thought I was feral as I merely changed her in the aisle. And as I had no nappy bags on me I left the dirty nappy by my feet until it was time to leave. When I got home I was quite impressed by how clean she was. As in the dark I had no idea what I was doing or how messy she was.

With my eldest I went to the cinema all the time, but as we live further away now and to be honest I am a lot lazier this time around. I'm not sure it's a trip I will make again. But at least I've been out today rather than staying in and binge watching Judge Rinder.

Tonight for tea we were meant to be having salmon. A product we have been having supply issues with of late. In other words recently the salmon we have been getting for one reason or another seems to be off. Also since the birth of our second child I seem to have lost my ability to cook. Whereas before her birth I could count on one hand all my culinary disasters, now to put it nicely I need a lot more hands. So it was with trepidation that I went to prepare tonight's tea only to find that one of the main ingredients ginger has gone off. So I am saved for another night and we're having the relatively easy tea of jacket potatoes and pork chops. Now my only task is to cook it in time to ensure my husband doesn't miss any of the football.

On a last note inspired by my blog he has promised he will start his soon. So watch this space....

Saturday, 17 September 2016


It was my husband's birthday yesterday here is a Canaries inspired card we made him #ncfc

Friday, 16 September 2016

Show me, show me

Nottingham Forest 1 Norwich 2

Ten worms wiggling waving hello.

So it's an early start again today and I am trying to play a simplified version of Monopoly with my 3 year old at 6.00 am it's still dark outside and even she has conceded it's not morning yet. I've been promised a lie in tomorrow but if she this early again I'm not sure my husband will wake up.

We have also been playing picnics this morning with our babies, mine of course is real and my eldest's is my old teddy, Boo Boo, from when I was a child. In a Toy Story way it's nice that one of her favourite toys is my favourite old teddy. Whom I bought from Clinton's Cards circa 1987. My mum hated him as he has a tear drop in one eye, as he has to use the American phrase has a "boo boo", but to me he is still the little monkey that just needed a bit of love.

We also had a dance party this morning.  I have been trying to wean our eldest off the TV. Otherwise known as a lazy, but at times very handy, babysitter. So the husband initially put on his new David Brent CD until she had a tantrum and we put on the Spice Girls. She once watch an afternoon of their video on a music channel whilst being babysat by my sister and now she thinks she's the sixth member.  Her favourite song is of course wannabee.....

After lunch following this nostalgic theme. We went to see the Chris and Pui Roadshow (Show me Show me). I remember Chris Jarvis when he started on kids TV. My husband drove us and then headed home to listen to the game. When our eldest first asked to see the show I agreed hoping she would forget as she didn't really watch their show. But since our early morning starts began we seem to watch the show every day and let's face it a trip to the theatre is always more fun than to the playground in the cold. Lucky they still had a few tickets left! The show was really good even the baby enjoyed it. And me and our eldest sang along with all the songs. I will be going on Amazon later to look for Show me Show me toys for Christmas.  The only downside was on the way home we sat upstairs on the bus and my eldest spotted at least two new playgrounds she wants to visit.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Bake off

Norwich 2 Wigan 1

So tomorrow nights game is not written on the calendar, however my Husbaand assures me it is a home game and it's definitely happening. He is in charge of writing Norwich games on the calender as a) I haven't got the best handwriting and b) I'm a bit lazy and I would only write H or A not the team name. I only write b'day for birthday!

When I check this morning "H Wigan" has appeared on the calendar, but as I was not the last to go to bed last night this could have been added after our conversation or more likely I was just looking at the 20th.

Our eldest woke up at 6.30 this morning as she was so excited to show her dad her new skipping rope. She can't actually skip yet she just jumps in front of it saying skip, skip, skip.

It's my Husband's birthday on Friday so today I have to locate all of his presents that I have hidden around the house and then wrap them then hide them again.

Although I have just put the TV on and discovered the US version of "Snog Marry or Avoid" so I'm not sure how productive today is going to be...

Presents are now wrapped and hidden and tea is in the oven.  And luckily for me commentary is on the tablet  and another game of football is on the telly. Thank god "Tattoos Fixers" is on later, although I doubt I'll get the chance to watch it.

We had planned to have jackets for tea tonight but as it's a heatwave I don't think  this was a good idea as our kitchen is in a climate all off it own. Mainly due to the hundred spotlights it takes to light it. So we're having new potatoes instead but even so it's not just the food that is cooking in here.

My day has of course been rocked by the news that not only has the "Bake off" gone to Channel 4 but Mel and Sue are leaving. I love Mel and Sue I met them several times when they hosted "Light Lunch" and I really hope the BBC give them another show based around food. My dreams of being on the "Bake Off" are now over I'd Boycott it this week but I cannot miss the first batter week.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Date Night

Norwich 3 Cardiff 2

So we are home in Norfolk for the weekend visiting my parents. My husband took a half day yesterday so we could come up early. And as our eldest no longer has dummies she managed to stay awake for the whole journey. Now if she hadn't spent 90% of the journey asking "are we nearly here yet?" It would have been a good thing. But at least it means she went to bed at a reasonable time last night. Only an hour later than normal. Sadly for Grandma this didn't mean she woke up later in fact she woke my Mum up at 5.45 this morning but the rest of us got a lie in until 9. Which is one of the best things about going home.

After breakfast and a shower the inlaws arrived to see their Grandchildren and take my Husband away to the football. Leaving us girls to go shopping. Our eldest has somehow managed to cobble together £4.00 pocket money. I think she raided her money box and her Grandad's pockets. And I have a voucher to spend.

So of course like any good second home owning Londoners we are off to Burham Market where I spend my voucher and then some. And she spends her pocket money and then some.

She impressed her Grandma by choosing with a bit of help from me a kalediscope. Sadly though only she wanted one as the main character in one of her favourite film, the made for TV movie Liar Liar Vampire, collects them. I am well aware that the film is far too old for her but Bella from Bella and the Bulldogs is in it and she loves the whole damsel in distress ending.

The weather is so horrid today it somewhat curbs our exploits and we soon head for home. 

We're having a date night tonight as it's inbetween both our birthdays but as I have failed miserable at bottle feeding we are taking the baby with us. When I say failed miserable what I really mean is I haven't really offered a bottle since week 12. She's now 18 weeks.

Our night out was a bit up and down the ups were that the food was lovely. The tempura oyster I had to start was the best thing I have eaten in ages. And the staff were very accomdating of the baby. The downs were that as lovely as the food was we only ate our pudding together due to said baby, who refused to sleep or eat she just wanted to look at everything and be bounced around. In the end we asked the taxi (mum) to collect us early. I can't be too mad though as she is so darn cute.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Weekend

So I have really enjoyed the international break. We managed to watch two films, two nights in a row. Something we have failed to do all summer. "Ant-man" which was excellent and "Sisters" which almost convinced me to throw my own Facebook party for my high school friends, so much so I WhatsApp my sister who was on her way to Bali to plan. Until I saw the total devastation of their parents house. Which reminded me why I never had a party at home when I was a kid. I told my husband we will never leave the girls alone so they dob't have tge chance to trash our house. We had a similar discussion after watching "Project X" just after our eldest was born.

We even managed to play a game as a family, as for once on a Saturday afternoon none of us had any chores, it was too wet for gardening. The game of choice was Ben and Holly mini figures but it's the act that counts.

While the England game was on the eldest and me indulged in some Halloween arts and crafts as a) it's too early for Christmas ones and b) she is obessed with Halloween. I'm not sure why. Which resulted in her going to bed with one very black palm, as the paint we were using to make toilet roll black cats is not quite water proof. Hopefully it will have faded by the time she goes to nursery on Tuesday.