Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Wedding

Blackburn 1 Norwich 4

Hip hooray it’s New Years day and we’re on the road half an hour later than planned. We are on the way to Norfolk Broads for a wedding. The bride is a huge fan and obviously booked the wedding assuming they would stay up. But at least as most of the guests agree it's an away game. The wedding has a beautiful outdoor ceremony which I sadly miss as I have to take the baby away to ensure her cry are not construed as a reason they shouldn't be married. It’s the first wedding our eldest has attended where she can understand what is going on and apparently she followed the ceremony with the rapt attention she gives an episode of Peppa Pig. When asked afterwards if she liked it she told me the brides dress looked like mine. I’d like to pretend  this is because she has seen pictures, but once after watching to many "Say yes to the dress" episodes with her and my mum I was coerced into putting my dress on and twirling around the living room. But back to the big day. The bride had of course chosen the only venue in Norfolk with no reception and very patchy WiFi but luckily her uncle was on the case and kept everyone updated. Although my husband reused to believe the score until he saw it for himself our baby gave him that opportunity by having a melt down causing us to stop not once but twice within 30 mins on the way home. Once in a rather dubious lay by where we were convinced the car next to us were dogging and then again in a Tescos car park so he had plenty of time to catch up on twitter. A running joke we have about the football is when my husband gets home from the game he always wants to see the goals on telly as he has not seen then yet. Although as I always like to point out he saw them live! Once he was all caught up my husband was very pleased with the result and he hopes it's a sign of things to come.

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