Friday, 26 August 2016


Birmingham 3 Norwich 0

It's Friday night and due to the heat wave we have the fan on in the living thus, according to my husband, rendering the tv useless for watching anything accept the football that's on. Because if we turn the volume up to be able hear over said fan it may wake our eldest up. Tbf she has spent most of the day turning the fan on and off depending on whether she wants to watch something on TV or not, they are truly cut from the same cloth.

I don't mind the football on as I am feeding our baby and have almost finished my latest Agatha Raisin book. However as it's Friday night my husband wants to engage me in conversation. So he has  decides to quiz me on what animals are associated with which football teams i.e. Derby are the rams, it's not going well as I have suggested Swansea has dolphins and QPR are called Queen's Park Rovers. This is because somewhere half way through the game, the rules changed to guessing the teams nicknames. Mainly because he had run out of animals. Although he did not advise me of this rule change until I had almost lost the will to live. To get my own back I started to guess such outlandish things as possible to wind him up.  See the aformentioned swans. He promised to stop if I got one more right and after a few false starts he saw sense and asked me what Norwich's Nickname /animal was.

Today we're off to my Sister's house to see it for the first time and to celebrate her birthday.  We're driving which is supposed to make life easier but, as I do not drive and have to do directions, brings me out in a cold sweat. It doesn't help that I also have trouble with my left and right. I normally get these wrong at least once during the course of the journey. Luckily for me the journey is quite straight forward. And we arrive in good time for lunch,  my sister has Sky Q and it's not long before we are all treated to Enchanted on the Sky Cinema package.  My sister's partner doesn't like football so my husband is forced to keep up with the game via twitter. Although seeing as the result was so awful I think he's glad he didn't waste his time staying at home listening to it. The highlight of the trip for our three year old was watching the Disney version of the three little pigs, she is obsess with the big bad wolf. And for us playing a couple of adult board games. My sister's partner is a huge board game fan although sadly for me he doesn't own a copy of The Cones of Dunshire.

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