Saturday, 27 August 2016

Derby Day

Ipswich Town 1 Norwich City 1

It's Derby Day today and my other half went to bed last night spewing the type of football statistics that makes my blood boil. i.e. the last time x  beat x was 20 years ago, never mind that they've been in different leagues for 18 years, this just wouldn't make the stat sound as shocking.  He must have been tired as he made the shocking statement that as it's been so long since Ipswich beat Norwich in a derby he almost felt like we owed them one. He also said as it's so early in the season the result doesn't  matter as much as if it were Christmas. I am sure if he reads this he will say I have quoted him out of context.

I have spent the morning reminding my toddler and baby that Daddy must not be disturbed during the game and I even took them to the shops and to visit the Ben and Holly ride in the precinct to distract her which lasted about 30 mins as we got back just as Norwich scored.

TV and food have managed to occupy them until half time but i'm not sure how long I can distract her with "Let's Play" and Jenga before she finds some excuse to go into the living room.

The baby is easier as her new favourite game is rolling onto her front and then crying until she is rolled back over where she promptly starts the cycle all over again.

Update: apparently they were rubbish and it was a good point for Norwich.

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