Thursday, 25 August 2016


Norwich 0 Sheff Wed 0

It's the first home game of the new season today and we are visiting the in laws so our eldest can have a sleep over with her cousins who are also conveniently staying at their Grandparents. It's almost as if we planned this.

Granny normally goes to the home games but as she is babysitting my husband and father in law have taken our eldest niece (10) leaving me with my mother in law our two daughters and our younger niece (6).  she is apparently the boss in their household but I think our three year old is more than a match for her. We did what all self respecting guardians do we took them to the local playground and then to the pub. As the game was on TV we went home to watch it but as Granny was the only one interested and she was busy sorting out food and listening to it on the radio, she prefers their commentary. I used the time and the TV as an excuse to educate the girls on wedding dress fashion by watching "Say yes to the dress UK".  There maybe a pattern emerging here.

When they got back from the football our niece said she had had a good time, apparently she even learnt a new swear word, I shudder to think what it was.

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