Wednesday, 31 August 2016

International Break

I feel a bit cheated this week, because just as I have finally got my blog up and running there is an international break. Secretly I'm pleased as it means a virtually football free weekend. If I have enough time maybe I'll blog about the England game. But knowing me I'll completely forget in the excitement of completing the grown jigsaw (1000 pieces) our three year old told us she wanted to do over the bank holiday. So far she hasn't done one bit but has been overseeing our progress every morning.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Early start

Norwich City 6 Coventry 1

We were woken up at 5.30 this morning by our eldest as she was so pleased with herself and wanted to let us know that she had slept the whole night through without her dummies, this is the first time since about 6 weeks old. Although I am very proud of her achievement I like my sleep so despite trying to get her to go back to bed for 20 minutes I hesitantly got up with her.

Tuesdays are my day off as it were as she goes to nursery while I stay at home with the baby, due to the early start I decided to get my chores out of the way early so I could work on this blog today.

Although my husband is a season ticket holder because we currently live in London he doesn't get the chance to go to night games so he listens to the commentary at home instead, lucky me I one game on the TV and the commentary for another one on loud speaker.

So after a day of chores interspersed with flipping our baby onto her back I went to pick our daughter up from nursery. Of course now she is no longer having dummiesshe tried every trick in the book to keep me in her room tonight. I felt awful leaving her, but luckily (sadly) for our girls I'm not too much of a soft touch. And she eventually went to sleep on her own without her dummies.

My husband phoned to let me know he was running late so I set his commentary up for him the good little wife that I am and and then I got to work on the tea.

It's now half time and we are competing to see if the 3 month old prefer Agatha Raisin or football scores read out loud to her. As normally booby wins over both.

One note to the wise on breast feeding the hormones are still affecting me as I found myself crying whilst watching sky sports new's coverage of the Olympic plane this morning.  They just did so well.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Derby Day

Ipswich Town 1 Norwich City 1

It's Derby Day today and my other half went to bed last night spewing the type of football statistics that makes my blood boil. i.e. the last time x  beat x was 20 years ago, never mind that they've been in different leagues for 18 years, this just wouldn't make the stat sound as shocking.  He must have been tired as he made the shocking statement that as it's been so long since Ipswich beat Norwich in a derby he almost felt like we owed them one. He also said as it's so early in the season the result doesn't  matter as much as if it were Christmas. I am sure if he reads this he will say I have quoted him out of context.

I have spent the morning reminding my toddler and baby that Daddy must not be disturbed during the game and I even took them to the shops and to visit the Ben and Holly ride in the precinct to distract her which lasted about 30 mins as we got back just as Norwich scored.

TV and food have managed to occupy them until half time but i'm not sure how long I can distract her with "Let's Play" and Jenga before she finds some excuse to go into the living room.

The baby is easier as her new favourite game is rolling onto her front and then crying until she is rolled back over where she promptly starts the cycle all over again.

Update: apparently they were rubbish and it was a good point for Norwich.

Friday, 26 August 2016


Birmingham 3 Norwich 0

It's Friday night and due to the heat wave we have the fan on in the living thus, according to my husband, rendering the tv useless for watching anything accept the football that's on. Because if we turn the volume up to be able hear over said fan it may wake our eldest up. Tbf she has spent most of the day turning the fan on and off depending on whether she wants to watch something on TV or not, they are truly cut from the same cloth.

I don't mind the football on as I am feeding our baby and have almost finished my latest Agatha Raisin book. However as it's Friday night my husband wants to engage me in conversation. So he has  decides to quiz me on what animals are associated with which football teams i.e. Derby are the rams, it's not going well as I have suggested Swansea has dolphins and QPR are called Queen's Park Rovers. This is because somewhere half way through the game, the rules changed to guessing the teams nicknames. Mainly because he had run out of animals. Although he did not advise me of this rule change until I had almost lost the will to live. To get my own back I started to guess such outlandish things as possible to wind him up.  See the aformentioned swans. He promised to stop if I got one more right and after a few false starts he saw sense and asked me what Norwich's Nickname /animal was.

Today we're off to my Sister's house to see it for the first time and to celebrate her birthday.  We're driving which is supposed to make life easier but, as I do not drive and have to do directions, brings me out in a cold sweat. It doesn't help that I also have trouble with my left and right. I normally get these wrong at least once during the course of the journey. Luckily for me the journey is quite straight forward. And we arrive in good time for lunch,  my sister has Sky Q and it's not long before we are all treated to Enchanted on the Sky Cinema package.  My sister's partner doesn't like football so my husband is forced to keep up with the game via twitter. Although seeing as the result was so awful I think he's glad he didn't waste his time staying at home listening to it. The highlight of the trip for our three year old was watching the Disney version of the three little pigs, she is obsess with the big bad wolf. And for us playing a couple of adult board games. My sister's partner is a huge board game fan although sadly for me he doesn't own a copy of The Cones of Dunshire.

Midweek Game

Norwich 1 Bristol City 0

I was meant to write a post today but instead I have been cuddling my baby and reading Agatha Raisin cold for tea tonight at least the meal will be finished in time for him to listen to the football.

Thursday, 25 August 2016


Norwich 0 Sheff Wed 0

It's the first home game of the new season today and we are visiting the in laws so our eldest can have a sleep over with her cousins who are also conveniently staying at their Grandparents. It's almost as if we planned this.

Granny normally goes to the home games but as she is babysitting my husband and father in law have taken our eldest niece (10) leaving me with my mother in law our two daughters and our younger niece (6).  she is apparently the boss in their household but I think our three year old is more than a match for her. We did what all self respecting guardians do we took them to the local playground and then to the pub. As the game was on TV we went home to watch it but as Granny was the only one interested and she was busy sorting out food and listening to it on the radio, she prefers their commentary. I used the time and the TV as an excuse to educate the girls on wedding dress fashion by watching "Say yes to the dress UK".  There maybe a pattern emerging here.

When they got back from the football our niece said she had had a good time, apparently she even learnt a new swear word, I shudder to think what it was.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Wedding

Blackburn 1 Norwich 4

Hip hooray it’s New Years day and we’re on the road half an hour later than planned. We are on the way to Norfolk Broads for a wedding. The bride is a huge fan and obviously booked the wedding assuming they would stay up. But at least as most of the guests agree it's an away game. The wedding has a beautiful outdoor ceremony which I sadly miss as I have to take the baby away to ensure her cry are not construed as a reason they shouldn't be married. It’s the first wedding our eldest has attended where she can understand what is going on and apparently she followed the ceremony with the rapt attention she gives an episode of Peppa Pig. When asked afterwards if she liked it she told me the brides dress looked like mine. I’d like to pretend  this is because she has seen pictures, but once after watching to many "Say yes to the dress" episodes with her and my mum I was coerced into putting my dress on and twirling around the living room. But back to the big day. The bride had of course chosen the only venue in Norfolk with no reception and very patchy WiFi but luckily her uncle was on the case and kept everyone updated. Although my husband reused to believe the score until he saw it for himself our baby gave him that opportunity by having a melt down causing us to stop not once but twice within 30 mins on the way home. Once in a rather dubious lay by where we were convinced the car next to us were dogging and then again in a Tescos car park so he had plenty of time to catch up on twitter. A running joke we have about the football is when my husband gets home from the game he always wants to see the goals on telly as he has not seen then yet. Although as I always like to point out he saw them live! Once he was all caught up my husband was very pleased with the result and he hopes it's a sign of things to come.


So every year my husband says he is going to write a blog about being a Norwich fan, and every year I joke I will write a counter blog about being left at home with the children. Well I’m finally putting my maternity pay where my mouth is. If and when my husband does the same I’ll let you know.