Saturday, 31 December 2016


Brentford 0 Norwich 0

So today is a big football day in our house Rangers Celtic at Lunchtime and Brentford Norwich this evening.  As we only have one big TV the boys have taken over so Granny and I have opted to take the girls to the Pantomine. This is our second trip to the pantomine in Kings Lynn we went on boxing day and our eldest enjoyed it so much we promised we would take her again. It was really good although I did fall asleep before the interval as I was having a cuddle with our sleeping baby. But luckily one and a half ice creams revived me. My daughter loved the panto and is sad we can't go again. Today is the last performance. I have promised to sort out dance classes for her in the new year, so that maybe one day she can be in the pantomime.

The journey home was eventful as our 8 month old would not stop crying she's teething and after being in the theatre she just wanted to crawl. I have taken her and my eldest upstairs for milk, a cuddle and cbeebies I am pretending it's for the girls but really I want to see Tom Hardy reading the bedtime story.

Happy New Year.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Boxing Day

Reading 3 Norwich 1

So I am starting this blog a bit earlier than usual with all the festivities I feel I may get side track so I have to choose my moments.

It's a been a funny couple of weeks I am loving being back in Norfolk near all our family but I am sad that our London family will not be with us for Christmas. They all visited last weekend. As my sister is spending Christmas in Mexico with her boyfriend's family. And my brother in law is working over Christmas so he and his family are staying in London.

Due to this and the mild weather there has been a lot of "it doesn't feel like Christmas in the air."

The big day itself was a lot of fun we weren't woken up until 5.30am and we didn't start opening presents until 6.30am. Although it didn't feel like we stopped opening them all day. Our eldest was really well behaved and as a treat we let her stay up to watch Strictly.

We have spent today with my Dad at our annual lunch at Titchwell Manor. It was lovely as ever and both girls were really good they did a great kids starter of bread and crudités which our youngest lapped up. The setting is beautiful and is one of the many reasons why we decided to pack up our lives and move back here. Ironically the first people we saw when we entered the Manor were our next door neighbours from Enfield. It's a small world.

My Dad gave us two very successful Christmas gifts a Ken doll who now has his own harem of Barbie dolls and The CD soundtrack of Disney's The Lodge. This has been blasting from the car radio ever since.

My husband managed to avoid listening to the s**t show that was the football. For him the only Christmas present the team could give him would be a new manager. He didn't even stay up to watch Match of the Day.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Friday Night Football

Norwich 1 Huddersfield  2

So tonight hasn't exactly gone to plan my mother in law and I had planned to have a girl's night watching Corrie and maybe Nashville.

However my husband's had other ideas his 3 and a half hour commute is taking it's toll. So he has decided to watch the football at home instead of going to the game tonight.

I could watch Tattoo Fixers on 4OD but I should probably try to get the baby to settle. Her witching hour is between 8-9 and nothing short of lying in a dark room with her without any stimulation seems to settle her. I don't mind doing that on a school night but I would like to stay up until at least 9.30 on Friday night. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Arts and Crafts

Norwich 1 Aston Villa 0

So my husband started his new job yesterday which meant an early start for him today, at the moment he has a 1 hour and 45 minute commute. So as Norwich are at home tonight he is doing an Alan Partridge and staying in a Travel lodge.

This morning there was an arts and crafts morning at my eldest's new nursery culminating in Christmas Dinner for parents and siblings. I really enjoyed it as I am a huge arts and crafts fan and it gave me some good ideas for next year.

The dinner was also good I felt I should lead by example by eating everything they offered me. Including Christmas pudding. I am still on the fence about whether I like Christmas Pudding or not but I gave it a go. Complete with lumpy school custard.

Our next stop was a haircut for my eldest we went back to my old Hairdresser who I used to see before we moved to Enfield.  And I can't lie I've already booked myself in with her before Christmas it's been almost six months since my hair has seen the bleach bottle and in can't really carry it off as some trendy London do.

We then went to the local school's nativity play at the church I am worried my eldest will think Christmas is purely about presents and Santa so it was nice to have the opportunity to remind her about baby Jesus.

I am staying with my mum tonight so as a treat I went up and had a bath at 5.30 while my baby was asleep I've been in my pj's ever since. I am not sure I'll even make the end of the football.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

The ship pub

Barnsley 2 Norwich 1

As I write this we are sitting in the Rose and Crown car park in the car in the rain listening to the Norwich game. We are waiting for our eldest to come back from the shops with Granny.

But I'll rewind to the start of the day. We spent last night with my parents and as I went to bed early with the baby I forgot to do elf on the shelf. Luckily while my daughter was having a wee I sneaked into her room and set Buddy up reading one of my favourite Christmas books.

We had a relaxing morning before heading to the Rose and Crown for lunch. We have been there a couple of times since we've been back at home, but each time they have been building in the playground so our daughter hasn't been able to use it. Luckily for her the work they were doing is now finished.  Not so luckily for us as we spent most of the meal playing there with her despite the rain.

We had a lovely meal, as always. And our baby enjoyed eating her sister fish and chips and a whole basket of bread. To stop her falling asleep granny took our eldest for a walk to the paper shop at the end of the meal. I think she came back with the whole contents of the shop.

It must have worked as we are now driving back to their house to a resounding chorus of Disney's The Lodge songs. I can't wait to get the CD of the soundtrack for Christmas.  It will make a change from the Frozen CD.

We're home now and while Peppa pig is on in the lounge my husband is listening to Norwich lose in the kitchen. I'm not sure which of the rooms I want to be in less. My mother in law and I both want to get our Christmas Cards written but the girls have other ideas.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Humble Pie

Norwich 5 Brentford 0

So the day has finally come and we are living back in Norfolk and my husband is off to the football. Although as we are temporarily living with my in-laws at the moment it feels like we are just here for an extended holiday.

This morning we got up bright and early to watch The Princess Diaries 2 my eldest spent the whole film wanting the princess to kiss the boy, but as soon as it happened at the end she didn't want to see it and covered her eyes.

We were meant to be staying at my mum's last night but due to some wiring issues we were at the inlaws so my mum picked us up at my eldest daughters appointed time of 10 o'clock.

After a trip to the post office, our eldest is obsessed with PO, she asked Father Christmas for one for Christmas. And some fun in her Little Tykes car we had lunch before heading to Burham Market. Our first stop was the Bakery (Humble Pie) who have relocated above the fish shop and were giving away free mince pies and mulled wine. Nothing feels more Burham Market than walking around shops were you have no intention of buying anything whilst sipping mulled wine out of a disposable coffee cup.

We're now back at my mum's watching the Disney version of Robin Hood. My poor step dad has seen this one to many times now although he concedes it's better than watching Santa Claus The Movie again.

The result today if there were any doubters, is a resounding seal on our decisions to move back. Even the team is behind us.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Lasts and Firsts

Derby 1 Norwich 0

We are moving house on Monday so the house is full of boxes. Which as you can imagine is a death trap waiting to happen. Especially with 2 small children. My inlaws have come over today to help look after the girls while we pack. Although we haven't really achieved much. We have got to the point where we've packed as much as we can, as we still need to live in the house.

Our eldest has gone with her grandparents for a sleepover at her cousins tonight. So without realising it last night was our last night in this house as a family of 4. This has made me think about all the other last times I have unintentionally missed. Like the trip to the shops, the library and the playground. Ironically a trip to the playground is one I try to avoid if I can as I hate getting cold pushing a screaming baby around; whilst my eldest climbs things she is too small for. But suddenly the idea I have not catalogued her last trip there with me makes me want to break down in tears. Luckily there is packing to be done so I can focus on that instead of getting too maudlin. It doesn't help that she was so excited about the sleepover that she barely kissed me goodbye. The lure of her cousins Paw Patrol toys was just too exciting.

Thinking about lasts this is the last blog entry from Enfield my next one will be written as a Norfolk citizen again. And in just over two weeks time my husband will be attending his first night game at home in years. In fact from Monday my little family will have lots of firsts to look forward to, so to help me sleep tonight I will think about all the firsts we have to look forward to and not dwell on the lasts I didn't pay attention to. As John Lenon says. "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

Saturday, 19 November 2016

PJ Masks

QPR 2 Norwich 1

This morning found us driving back from Norfolk to London hopefully for the last time for a while. As next week we will be relocating to Norfolk. I am very excited although all the hard work is about to start. Sadly during our absence this week the boxes we have, haven't packer themselves.

Aside from packing the other reason we came back today was because PJ Masks were making an appearance in Palace Gardens in Enfield. Luckily we timed our shopping trip to coincide with their last appearance. And our eldest posed with all three of them and more importantly got to high five them.

My husband is very unhappy with the Norwich score but watching Ed Balls on Strictly has cheered him up. After today's result my husband would have called in sick.

Only one more away game and then we will be Right Back in Norfolk ......

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Calm before the storm

England 2 Spain 2

So move day in our household grows ever nearer and we have not yet started packing. The boxes are coming tomorrow though and how long can it take! I wanted to de clutter before we move but I can see me panic throwing stuff into boxes at the last minute.

Today was my husband's last day at his current job and luckily he has a month off before starting the new one. Sadly for him he cannot relax as we need to start house hunting! I'm letting him watch the football tonight first though.

While the football is on and tea is cooking I have been looking up random stuff on my phone I try to limit my phone usage around my eldest so this evening is a treat especially as our baby is asleep no doubt she will just wake up as we serve dinner.

I have just started baby led weaning with her which is going well and I have been trying to give her what we eat but tonight is a solely adult tea. Due to the salt content. I'll be better tomorrow. I completely forgot she was on solids now until lunch time today when I had to give her a make shift cheese sandwich.

Tomorrow my eldest has a funky hair day at nursery she has asked for purple hair. She is getting bunches, if she holds still for long enough.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

A bit late

11/11/2016 (it's really 13/11/2016)
England 3 Scotland 0

So I'm a bit late writing a blog this week and I'm not really sure why. On Friday night I was tucked up in bed by 8.30 with a sleeping baby beside me by 8.45. I couldn't be bothered to sit downstairs and watch the football. And although I meant to write a blog post I just spent the couple of hours until my husband came to bed procastinating on the Internet.  A quick peruse of my search history highlights I was looking at the following Web pages Right Move, Compare the Meerkat, and removal company reviews. Anybody would think we were about to move house..... Hopefully I'll be more productive during the England game this week.

Saturday, 5 November 2016



Norwich 2 Leeds 3

We've had a bit of a demoralising week. We've been trying to find a new house to rent and sadly nobody seems to want to rent to a family of four. If the Daily Mail is interested our three year old can do a great sad face. The upside of this, as you always have to look for one, is that maybe it's time to stop renting and actually buy our own property. So me and my husband are now taking the first steps into getting a mortage. I finally after marriage and two children feel like an adult.

We decided to give ourselves the day off from property woe so my husband could go to the football and I could spend time with the girls. Our eldest has been with my parents for a few days and I've really missed her.

We spent a lovely morning playing easy rules to my sister and my old board games before heading over to a friends after lunch. My eldest was in her element playing with her friends toys.

My eldest is now looking forward to fireworks when her dad get back from the football. My mum got them a year ago so they should go off with an extra bang.

It's been nice after several set backs this last week to reconnect as a family and really take control of our new and exciting situation. Our family is about to embark on a very exciting new chapter.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Liebster Awards

So I have been nominated for a Liebster Award the rules are as follows to complete the Liebster Award:

1) Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you and display the award.
2) Answer the eleven questions the blogger gives you.
3) Give eleven random facts about yourself.
4) Nominate eleven bloggers that you think are deserving of this award.
5) Let the bloggers know you have nominated them.
6) Give them eleven questions to answer.

I was nominated by Mummy Here and There

Who is better in your household Mummy or Daddy? Mummy of course

Tea/coffee? I like both but tea is easier to make.

Best advice for a blogger? Have fun

Where do you get your inspiration for blogs? My family and what we get up to

Favourite season? Autumn and Spring

Are you old fashioned? I am now I have two girls I feel sorry for their teenage years they will be covered from head to foot.

What is your favourite four legged creature and why? Giraffes they are so elegant

Are you usually late, early or right on time? I try to be right on time I hate being late

Are you happy right now? Yes

Do you exaggerate the truth on your blog? Not yet

How often do you go online? All the time it's awful.

11 random facts about me:

1. With my first daughter my waters broke whilst I was at work. I wasn’t due to go on Maternity leave for another week.

2. I almost got run over by Andrew Lincoln of The Walking Dead fame on a bike approx. 10 years ago in Soho.

3. My favourite book is Jilly Cooper’s Riders I think I have read it at least ten times and spoiler alert them winning at the Olympics always make me cry.

4. My first job was waitressing at weddings and its still one of the funniest jobs I have ever had.

5. I have an extensive knowledge of all things showbiz/ popular culture.

6. I am really bad at spelling.

7. And my favourite song is The Only Living Boy in New York by Simon and Garfunkel.

8. While I was at university Alan Titchmarsh fixed our oven

9. If I could go on holiday right now I would go to Banff in Canada

10. My favourite drink is a bacardi and coke

11. I'm a twin

So, now here are your questions to answer please.

Night owl or early bird?

Favourite time to blog?

Do you secretly enjoy some of the kids shows you have to watch?

Which celebrity would you like to marry and why?

Favourite Holiday destination?

Topshop or M&S?

What are your favourite blogs?

Instagram or Twitter?

Do you indulge in Facebook stalking of people?

When do you start your Christmas shopping?

Mother in law or Monster in Law?

I now nominate the following people:



Kristin Mccartny

Sony LittleLight


Days in Bed

Leandra Bramham

Cuddle Fairy

No manual to Mummy

Mummy Baby Life

Puzzled Mummy

Cheers for reading X

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Adventure Play

Brighton 5 Norwich 0

So it's finally happened we have the sort of weekend ahead that I have dreaded since having children. That's right we have two parties to go to. At least they are on two separate days.

This morning finds us on our way to Wanstead for Adventure Play. The thing I hate most about London is that driving even 20 miles takes an hour and a half. Which feels like twice as long with an impatient three year old and a crying baby. Especially as I have to sit in the back with them.

Our eldest enjoyed the adventure play and we got to catch up with some of our old friends so it was worth the effort and of course as the party was at 10.15 we got home in time for my husband to listen to the Norwich game.

After the result I'm not sure he was so pleased to be back. He is even calling for Paul Lambert to return.

To combat the extra hour tomorrow we let our eldest stay up and watch Strictly tonight. Although I am sure my husband will get a lie in tomorrow I fear I am in for an extra hour of Peppa pig in the morning.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Extra Time

Leeds Norwich - Leeds win on penalties

My husband has just come upstairs to warn me the game has gone to extra time. Tbf I'd already seen that on twitter but it was nice of him to keep me informed. I have already come up to bed tonight such is my interest in the game.

Although I was also excited to try out a new shampoo I got today, so a cup game was hardly going to keep me downstairs. I have been complaining a bit today as I think I am coming down with a cold. For some reason colds always bring out the worst in me and I can be a miserable sod. Hopefully it will pass quickly. My eldest told me she was also getting a cold and that I couldn't have one as only one of us is allowed to be sick.

She has rediscover the Home Alone films this week mainly thanks to my husband and we have had then on repeat the last few days. She has had me acting out the scene in the second film at the airport baggage area this evening. With lots of shrieked Kevins.

Christmas has therefore been on my mind today as I went out to buy the girls matching Xmas dresses and tops from Next and Mothercare. I hope in years to come they forgive me.

The best thing about extra time is that I can read for longer. I only have three more Agatha Raisin books left to read and they need to go back to the library next week so I'd better be getting on.

Saturday, 22 October 2016


Norwich 0 Preston 1

So it's finally happened my husband has finally on a football Saturday left me back at home. It's the first time this season. When I conceived this blog I thought I would often write about what I got up to with the girls of a Saturday. However as I've been on maternity leave we have been able to visit the parents in Norfolk far more often.

My husband's brother is going to the game with him today so he has company on the car journey. Which is good but last time they drove up together our car got a flat tyre I hope lighting doesn't strike twice. Also Norwich never win when he goes.

Our eldest has been desperate to see the new trolls film. The advertising in shops and on buses around here has been crazy so I decided today would be a good day to take her. As she is not the most patient person, what three year old is, I booked tickets for the middle of the day which meant having our lunch at nursery lunch time 11.30 I will be starving later.

I tried to get to the cinema as late as possible to avoid all the adverts. But we still arrived 10 mins before the film stated. Our cinema going has been a bit hit and miss in the past. I normally only take her to the cheap Movies for Junior showings so if we leave early it doesn't matter, however today's show is her first proper new release with popcorn and a special drink cup so luckily we made it to the end. I think she enjoyed the film and our baby loved it so I have a feeling Father Christmas will be off to buy a host of trolls toys this Christmas.

After the film I had to go home and have a cup of tea before heading back out to get food for tea. My daughter dragged me around the toy shop for half an hour before choosing a pair of ear muffs from the pound shop, as a treat for being a good girl. She thinks they are head phones and keeps telling me she can't here me when she wears them.

Flying solo I managed to get both of them bathed and ready for bed at bedtime, but I had promised my eldest she could watch the dancing show so they both came back downstairs where I got on with tea with occasional help. She finally went to bed just as the dancing finished and my husband got home. Roll on bed. I hope this is the last time we do this type of Saturday I'm exhausted.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Fulham 2 Norwich 2

I'm trying to write tonight but my baby and husband keep distracting me with general cuteness and tales of their day respectively.

Our baby has been learning to crawl over the last few days and is getting very good at moving around in circles. And of course headbutting tables etc. As I am in denial about the crawling and have yet to baby proof.

It's something to add to the to do list along with upgrading my nappy bag from a rucksack with no pockets to my yummy mummy bag. And the Agatha Raisin esq. book I plan to write as soon as I get some spare time.

I am glad tonight's away game is a week night as several times in the past my husband has been tempted to go to Craven Cottage as it's a cheap London game. Compared to Chelsea and the like. And as Norwich haven't won there in a long time he always come back in a bad move.

And finally we are getting in the Christmas spirit tonight with a box of M&S After Dinner Mint Chocolates. I fear the box may all be gone by the weekend.

Saturday, 15 October 2016


Norwich 3 Rotherham

We've spent another football weekend in Norfolk, and while my husband goes off the football, my mum and I have taken the girls to Farmer Fred's.  My best friend, growing up, conveintly has a daughter the same age as my eldest so we met them there. Stupidly I thought we could have a catch up but instead we spent two hours running around after all our children but at least my two enjoyed it. One of the highlights was seeing a staff member in a Minion costume for a child birthday party. I have a feeling this Minion may now be coming to our eldest's Cinderella themed 4th Birthday. 

Back at Granny's house I had the clever idea of getting out our old Operation game as our eldest always says she wants the game when she sees the advert. Although to be fair she wants everthing she see advertised. However it was like the blind leading the blind we were trying to get a 30 year old version of Operation to work with batteries that expired in 2000. To distract her from this episode, whilst I fed the baby, my mum put Disney's Robin Hood on. I had forgotten how good looking Fox Robin is, it may need repeat viewing.

I also did my daughterly duty in downloading Facebook Messenger onto my step dad's phone for my Mum although for my own sanity I haven't taught her how the emojis on it yet.

In the hope it means she might sleep in our  three year old has been allowed to stay up a bit later to watch Strictly Come Dancing tonight. She has been trying to copy the dances on the screen as they happen with the aid of her Dad.  I'm not sure my husband has the energy to last all 12 dances. Although I'm sure she has.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Social Media

Slovenia 0 England 0

So currently I should be writing my blog as my other half is watching the football. Instead I am surfing the Internet on my phone android procrastinating.

Things I have been looking at include instagram. I am still not quite sure how it works my follows go up and down depending on the time of day sometimes it's 166 sometimes 170. And all I seem to like are photos of Disney, random babies and macaroons.

Twitter mainly focusing on the US election, I have to keep reminding myself a) I'm not American and b) I only know two Americans and they aren't on twitter, so I don't need to remind them to vote.

And then of course the World Wide Web where I am trying to find out what happens in last night's Two Broke Girls in the US. Mainly because I enjoyed the Max and Randy love story.

And that's reminds me I haven't checked Facebook in a while!

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Road Trip

England 2 Malta 0

So I'm currently sat in the back seat of our car on the way back from Norwich listening to the football. I'm in the back as otherwise our baby would scream the car down.
Our eldest is having a sleep over at her cousins tonight so as a treat for her and us she got picked up early this morning so she could spend the whole day playing with her cousins Paw Patrol toys.

We have spent the day reacquainting ourselves with Norwich and the surrounding areas. I pointed out the street where my best friend moved to when she was eight and then we spent a long time trying to figure where the playground and video shop I used to go to when I visited her where.

We also had a wander around Norwich city centre and had lunch in Jamie's Italian which was a rare treat as a) we didn't have an impatient 3 year old with us. And b) it felt like fine dinning compared to the options we currently have on our doorstep back home.

We are on our way home now so my husband can be back in time to watch the Scotland game tonight. I think he is in the process of sacking England as his national team and supporting Scotland instead. His father is Scottish so it's not a big stretch. But it annoyingly means even more football on in the house.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

National Poetry Day

To celebrate National Poetry day here is a poem about my Eldest's first year.

Three weeks too early
You arrived in a snowstorm
a fresh white blanket.

The baby basket
now full of bunnies and chicks
promises new life.

Blue skies above us
sunscreen makes your eyes water
collecting sea shells.

Carving a pumpkin
too small for trick or treating
silly fancy dress.

Red and green baubles
dangle from the indoor tree
careful do not touch.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Agatha Raisin

So it's one of those lovely International Breaks which means I can watch what I want on the telly. So far we have watched a Musketeers and finished rewatching season 2 of Parks and Recreations. If you have never seen it, please do it is so sweet and funny and the slap stick moments which happen suprising often are to be cherished.

This week I have also discovered that my brilliant local library offer all the Agatha Raisin book as E books. Although I am not normally the biggest fan of this format. I seem to be able to read a book in this series in approx 24 hours so being able to read them on my phone is amazing. And saves a few trips to the library to collect and return them. There is a running joke in our house about how quickly I read. The secret is to read every third word. That way if you re-read the book, something I like to do, and read say every second or fourth word it like reading a new book everytime.

I best head off now as the Bake Off is about to start. However one question I would like answered this week before I go is do anybody else's 3 year old act out the Vanish Gold adverts in the bath?

Saturday, 1 October 2016


Wolves 1 Norwich 2

We only hate Wolves and Ipswich...

I hate late games on a Saturday as they conveniently coincide with bedtime. And as the game kicks off tonight I am sat breast feeding on the kitchen floor. As our three year old checks my hair for nits with the blue plastic tweezers that came in her doctors kit.

We have actually yet to be visited by the nit fairy. But thanks to a scare a couple of weeks ago and that episode of Topsy and Tim recently being on TV she has decided she needs to check my hair. Luckily I have been pronounced nit, or knot as she calls them, free and it's off for a relatively easy bedtime.

She even tells me she is tired tonight this is mainly due to the two hour walk/ scooter ride we went on earlier. 30 minutes of which was spent wandering around a toy shop with Daddy. One of her favourite bonding activities.

We've been up early today after a fractured nights sleep. Our eldest refused to go to bed last night as she wanted to watch the DCOM Adventures in Babysitting. The only way she would go was if I promised to watch it with her very early in the morning. This was a great plan, however as her attention span only lasts an hour, soon enough she was pretending our sofa was a soft play apparatus while I was engrossed in the film.

My sister came for a visit mid morning which provided some light relief for us while they played supermarkets. Another highlight of the day for her was using her dad's old Ghost Castle game as a haunted house for her Peppa Pig toys.

But getting back to the game. After our eldest had gone to bed I came back downstairs to feed our baby and start this blog. I tried conversing/ distracting my husband by discussing a Wolves fan friend he had that took him out drinking back in 2002 to give him the Dutch courage to ask me out. However my husband didn't want to get embroiled in what football game they had been watching at the pub. Knowing the date of course would help. But I was just so pleased he'd asked me out I forgot to make a note if it.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Up West

Newcastle 4 Norwich 3

So my husband has promised I can watch the Bake Off tonight and he will listen to the game on his earphones, or ear muffs as our daughter calls them.

He has already cooked tea and is currently washing up so I'm not going to complain. But between you and me there has been a lot of football on already this week so maybe he is trying to appease me. I suggested watching a film on Friday night and he was very cagey about whether that would happen or not.

I have spent the last two days Christmas shopping aware that I am now on the basic rations of maternity pay. I thought I would squander what I had left on stocking fillers for the girls. I have no idea how to do stocking for siblings. My sister is my twin and Father Christmas bought us matching stockings so I am winging the present thing a bit. Although the baby won't really know what's going on I'm sure her sister will enjoy opening twice as many presents.

I took the baby to Harrods today as I fancied a trip up west. I wanted to get her a baby's first Christmas decoration, that didn't quite work out, I ended up buying the sort of tacky decoration I love and my husband hates. She loved all the soft toys especially the teddy bears so I think one might be under the tree for her this year.

I have vowed not to make such a trip again as I am shattered now and to be honest I'm not sure I will make it to the end if the Bake Off. And I'll definitely be tucked up in bed before the game ends.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Being a Mum

Despite the fact that I am nearer forty now than thirty  and I have two children. I still don't 100% feel like a grow up. Maybe it's becuase I spend most of my day playing. But sometimes the smallest thing will remind me that I am the mother now. Driving back from visiting family I sat in the back seat squashed inbetween two car seats while both my daughters slept. Covering my eldest with my jumper reminded me of being little and snuggling down under my mother's jumper on long car journeys home. This nostalgic memory convinced me that although sometimes being a grown up is the hard at least I'm hopefully getting the little things right.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Paint Me

Norwich 3 Burton 1

We're home in Norfolk again for the weekend, and this time we are staying with the inlaws, or outlaws as one of my friends refers to hers. My eldest finds it funny when I refer to Norfolk as home, which as I was brought up here it is. However I do tend to call wherever I am sleeping for the night home. This is true of hotels as well.

We have big plans today. A trip to Dersingham playground and Paint Me Ceramics in Hunstanton.

My husband and I spent many afternoons playing in Dersingham as kids and whenever we drive past we promise we will take our daughter and today is the big day. It has obviously changed a lot since the 80's but my two biggest shocks were that the slide on the hill has gone. My husband has a whole story about how he nearly died when his coat got caught at the top of this slide so I assume this news will please him. But even more shocking was how tiny the hill looks now, even my daughter looked big next to it. It was a lot of fun and as my Mum was with us I got to go on some of the more grown up bits as I didn't have a baby to look after.

After lunch while the football was on we went to Paint Me Ceramics. This is one of those places that you take the kids to not because you think they would like it, although you pretend this is the reason. But because you really want to do it yourself. We were lucky as the baby napped for most of our visit so while mum and I created masterpieces our eldest played with the toys they had, which included a Ben and Holly Castle. And painted her witch decoration only when we bribed her with a lolly pop. My sister is desperate to do ceramic painting so I of course had to WhatsApp her some pictures to make her jealous. She has notably not responded yet.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Everton 0 Norwich 2

"Mummy what did you do today?"

My eldest asks as I pick her up from nursery. I'm slightly later than normal as her sister had a quick (slow) feed before I left home to pick her up.

In answer to her question I went to a baby screening of Bridget Jones's Baby today. Coffee and a cake were included with the ticket. It would have been a thoroughly enjoyable experience had the baby not pooed 30 mins into the film. I think the mother next to me thought I was feral as I merely changed her in the aisle. And as I had no nappy bags on me I left the dirty nappy by my feet until it was time to leave. When I got home I was quite impressed by how clean she was. As in the dark I had no idea what I was doing or how messy she was.

With my eldest I went to the cinema all the time, but as we live further away now and to be honest I am a lot lazier this time around. I'm not sure it's a trip I will make again. But at least I've been out today rather than staying in and binge watching Judge Rinder.

Tonight for tea we were meant to be having salmon. A product we have been having supply issues with of late. In other words recently the salmon we have been getting for one reason or another seems to be off. Also since the birth of our second child I seem to have lost my ability to cook. Whereas before her birth I could count on one hand all my culinary disasters, now to put it nicely I need a lot more hands. So it was with trepidation that I went to prepare tonight's tea only to find that one of the main ingredients ginger has gone off. So I am saved for another night and we're having the relatively easy tea of jacket potatoes and pork chops. Now my only task is to cook it in time to ensure my husband doesn't miss any of the football.

On a last note inspired by my blog he has promised he will start his soon. So watch this space....

Saturday, 17 September 2016


It was my husband's birthday yesterday here is a Canaries inspired card we made him #ncfc

Friday, 16 September 2016

Show me, show me

Nottingham Forest 1 Norwich 2

Ten worms wiggling waving hello.

So it's an early start again today and I am trying to play a simplified version of Monopoly with my 3 year old at 6.00 am it's still dark outside and even she has conceded it's not morning yet. I've been promised a lie in tomorrow but if she this early again I'm not sure my husband will wake up.

We have also been playing picnics this morning with our babies, mine of course is real and my eldest's is my old teddy, Boo Boo, from when I was a child. In a Toy Story way it's nice that one of her favourite toys is my favourite old teddy. Whom I bought from Clinton's Cards circa 1987. My mum hated him as he has a tear drop in one eye, as he has to use the American phrase has a "boo boo", but to me he is still the little monkey that just needed a bit of love.

We also had a dance party this morning.  I have been trying to wean our eldest off the TV. Otherwise known as a lazy, but at times very handy, babysitter. So the husband initially put on his new David Brent CD until she had a tantrum and we put on the Spice Girls. She once watch an afternoon of their video on a music channel whilst being babysat by my sister and now she thinks she's the sixth member.  Her favourite song is of course wannabee.....

After lunch following this nostalgic theme. We went to see the Chris and Pui Roadshow (Show me Show me). I remember Chris Jarvis when he started on kids TV. My husband drove us and then headed home to listen to the game. When our eldest first asked to see the show I agreed hoping she would forget as she didn't really watch their show. But since our early morning starts began we seem to watch the show every day and let's face it a trip to the theatre is always more fun than to the playground in the cold. Lucky they still had a few tickets left! The show was really good even the baby enjoyed it. And me and our eldest sang along with all the songs. I will be going on Amazon later to look for Show me Show me toys for Christmas.  The only downside was on the way home we sat upstairs on the bus and my eldest spotted at least two new playgrounds she wants to visit.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Bake off

Norwich 2 Wigan 1

So tomorrow nights game is not written on the calendar, however my Husbaand assures me it is a home game and it's definitely happening. He is in charge of writing Norwich games on the calender as a) I haven't got the best handwriting and b) I'm a bit lazy and I would only write H or A not the team name. I only write b'day for birthday!

When I check this morning "H Wigan" has appeared on the calendar, but as I was not the last to go to bed last night this could have been added after our conversation or more likely I was just looking at the 20th.

Our eldest woke up at 6.30 this morning as she was so excited to show her dad her new skipping rope. She can't actually skip yet she just jumps in front of it saying skip, skip, skip.

It's my Husband's birthday on Friday so today I have to locate all of his presents that I have hidden around the house and then wrap them then hide them again.

Although I have just put the TV on and discovered the US version of "Snog Marry or Avoid" so I'm not sure how productive today is going to be...

Presents are now wrapped and hidden and tea is in the oven.  And luckily for me commentary is on the tablet  and another game of football is on the telly. Thank god "Tattoos Fixers" is on later, although I doubt I'll get the chance to watch it.

We had planned to have jackets for tea tonight but as it's a heatwave I don't think  this was a good idea as our kitchen is in a climate all off it own. Mainly due to the hundred spotlights it takes to light it. So we're having new potatoes instead but even so it's not just the food that is cooking in here.

My day has of course been rocked by the news that not only has the "Bake off" gone to Channel 4 but Mel and Sue are leaving. I love Mel and Sue I met them several times when they hosted "Light Lunch" and I really hope the BBC give them another show based around food. My dreams of being on the "Bake Off" are now over I'd Boycott it this week but I cannot miss the first batter week.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Date Night

Norwich 3 Cardiff 2

So we are home in Norfolk for the weekend visiting my parents. My husband took a half day yesterday so we could come up early. And as our eldest no longer has dummies she managed to stay awake for the whole journey. Now if she hadn't spent 90% of the journey asking "are we nearly here yet?" It would have been a good thing. But at least it means she went to bed at a reasonable time last night. Only an hour later than normal. Sadly for Grandma this didn't mean she woke up later in fact she woke my Mum up at 5.45 this morning but the rest of us got a lie in until 9. Which is one of the best things about going home.

After breakfast and a shower the inlaws arrived to see their Grandchildren and take my Husband away to the football. Leaving us girls to go shopping. Our eldest has somehow managed to cobble together £4.00 pocket money. I think she raided her money box and her Grandad's pockets. And I have a voucher to spend.

So of course like any good second home owning Londoners we are off to Burham Market where I spend my voucher and then some. And she spends her pocket money and then some.

She impressed her Grandma by choosing with a bit of help from me a kalediscope. Sadly though only she wanted one as the main character in one of her favourite film, the made for TV movie Liar Liar Vampire, collects them. I am well aware that the film is far too old for her but Bella from Bella and the Bulldogs is in it and she loves the whole damsel in distress ending.

The weather is so horrid today it somewhat curbs our exploits and we soon head for home. 

We're having a date night tonight as it's inbetween both our birthdays but as I have failed miserable at bottle feeding we are taking the baby with us. When I say failed miserable what I really mean is I haven't really offered a bottle since week 12. She's now 18 weeks.

Our night out was a bit up and down the ups were that the food was lovely. The tempura oyster I had to start was the best thing I have eaten in ages. And the staff were very accomdating of the baby. The downs were that as lovely as the food was we only ate our pudding together due to said baby, who refused to sleep or eat she just wanted to look at everything and be bounced around. In the end we asked the taxi (mum) to collect us early. I can't be too mad though as she is so darn cute.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Weekend

So I have really enjoyed the international break. We managed to watch two films, two nights in a row. Something we have failed to do all summer. "Ant-man" which was excellent and "Sisters" which almost convinced me to throw my own Facebook party for my high school friends, so much so I WhatsApp my sister who was on her way to Bali to plan. Until I saw the total devastation of their parents house. Which reminded me why I never had a party at home when I was a kid. I told my husband we will never leave the girls alone so they dob't have tge chance to trash our house. We had a similar discussion after watching "Project X" just after our eldest was born.

We even managed to play a game as a family, as for once on a Saturday afternoon none of us had any chores, it was too wet for gardening. The game of choice was Ben and Holly mini figures but it's the act that counts.

While the England game was on the eldest and me indulged in some Halloween arts and crafts as a) it's too early for Christmas ones and b) she is obessed with Halloween. I'm not sure why. Which resulted in her going to bed with one very black palm, as the paint we were using to make toilet roll black cats is not quite water proof. Hopefully it will have faded by the time she goes to nursery on Tuesday.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

International Break

I feel a bit cheated this week, because just as I have finally got my blog up and running there is an international break. Secretly I'm pleased as it means a virtually football free weekend. If I have enough time maybe I'll blog about the England game. But knowing me I'll completely forget in the excitement of completing the grown jigsaw (1000 pieces) our three year old told us she wanted to do over the bank holiday. So far she hasn't done one bit but has been overseeing our progress every morning.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Early start

Norwich City 6 Coventry 1

We were woken up at 5.30 this morning by our eldest as she was so pleased with herself and wanted to let us know that she had slept the whole night through without her dummies, this is the first time since about 6 weeks old. Although I am very proud of her achievement I like my sleep so despite trying to get her to go back to bed for 20 minutes I hesitantly got up with her.

Tuesdays are my day off as it were as she goes to nursery while I stay at home with the baby, due to the early start I decided to get my chores out of the way early so I could work on this blog today.

Although my husband is a season ticket holder because we currently live in London he doesn't get the chance to go to night games so he listens to the commentary at home instead, lucky me I one game on the TV and the commentary for another one on loud speaker.

So after a day of chores interspersed with flipping our baby onto her back I went to pick our daughter up from nursery. Of course now she is no longer having dummiesshe tried every trick in the book to keep me in her room tonight. I felt awful leaving her, but luckily (sadly) for our girls I'm not too much of a soft touch. And she eventually went to sleep on her own without her dummies.

My husband phoned to let me know he was running late so I set his commentary up for him the good little wife that I am and and then I got to work on the tea.

It's now half time and we are competing to see if the 3 month old prefer Agatha Raisin or football scores read out loud to her. As normally booby wins over both.

One note to the wise on breast feeding the hormones are still affecting me as I found myself crying whilst watching sky sports new's coverage of the Olympic plane this morning.  They just did so well.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Derby Day

Ipswich Town 1 Norwich City 1

It's Derby Day today and my other half went to bed last night spewing the type of football statistics that makes my blood boil. i.e. the last time x  beat x was 20 years ago, never mind that they've been in different leagues for 18 years, this just wouldn't make the stat sound as shocking.  He must have been tired as he made the shocking statement that as it's been so long since Ipswich beat Norwich in a derby he almost felt like we owed them one. He also said as it's so early in the season the result doesn't  matter as much as if it were Christmas. I am sure if he reads this he will say I have quoted him out of context.

I have spent the morning reminding my toddler and baby that Daddy must not be disturbed during the game and I even took them to the shops and to visit the Ben and Holly ride in the precinct to distract her which lasted about 30 mins as we got back just as Norwich scored.

TV and food have managed to occupy them until half time but i'm not sure how long I can distract her with "Let's Play" and Jenga before she finds some excuse to go into the living room.

The baby is easier as her new favourite game is rolling onto her front and then crying until she is rolled back over where she promptly starts the cycle all over again.

Update: apparently they were rubbish and it was a good point for Norwich.

Friday, 26 August 2016


Birmingham 3 Norwich 0

It's Friday night and due to the heat wave we have the fan on in the living thus, according to my husband, rendering the tv useless for watching anything accept the football that's on. Because if we turn the volume up to be able hear over said fan it may wake our eldest up. Tbf she has spent most of the day turning the fan on and off depending on whether she wants to watch something on TV or not, they are truly cut from the same cloth.

I don't mind the football on as I am feeding our baby and have almost finished my latest Agatha Raisin book. However as it's Friday night my husband wants to engage me in conversation. So he has  decides to quiz me on what animals are associated with which football teams i.e. Derby are the rams, it's not going well as I have suggested Swansea has dolphins and QPR are called Queen's Park Rovers. This is because somewhere half way through the game, the rules changed to guessing the teams nicknames. Mainly because he had run out of animals. Although he did not advise me of this rule change until I had almost lost the will to live. To get my own back I started to guess such outlandish things as possible to wind him up.  See the aformentioned swans. He promised to stop if I got one more right and after a few false starts he saw sense and asked me what Norwich's Nickname /animal was.

Today we're off to my Sister's house to see it for the first time and to celebrate her birthday.  We're driving which is supposed to make life easier but, as I do not drive and have to do directions, brings me out in a cold sweat. It doesn't help that I also have trouble with my left and right. I normally get these wrong at least once during the course of the journey. Luckily for me the journey is quite straight forward. And we arrive in good time for lunch,  my sister has Sky Q and it's not long before we are all treated to Enchanted on the Sky Cinema package.  My sister's partner doesn't like football so my husband is forced to keep up with the game via twitter. Although seeing as the result was so awful I think he's glad he didn't waste his time staying at home listening to it. The highlight of the trip for our three year old was watching the Disney version of the three little pigs, she is obsess with the big bad wolf. And for us playing a couple of adult board games. My sister's partner is a huge board game fan although sadly for me he doesn't own a copy of The Cones of Dunshire.

Midweek Game

Norwich 1 Bristol City 0

I was meant to write a post today but instead I have been cuddling my baby and reading Agatha Raisin cold for tea tonight at least the meal will be finished in time for him to listen to the football.

Thursday, 25 August 2016


Norwich 0 Sheff Wed 0

It's the first home game of the new season today and we are visiting the in laws so our eldest can have a sleep over with her cousins who are also conveniently staying at their Grandparents. It's almost as if we planned this.

Granny normally goes to the home games but as she is babysitting my husband and father in law have taken our eldest niece (10) leaving me with my mother in law our two daughters and our younger niece (6).  she is apparently the boss in their household but I think our three year old is more than a match for her. We did what all self respecting guardians do we took them to the local playground and then to the pub. As the game was on TV we went home to watch it but as Granny was the only one interested and she was busy sorting out food and listening to it on the radio, she prefers their commentary. I used the time and the TV as an excuse to educate the girls on wedding dress fashion by watching "Say yes to the dress UK".  There maybe a pattern emerging here.

When they got back from the football our niece said she had had a good time, apparently she even learnt a new swear word, I shudder to think what it was.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Wedding

Blackburn 1 Norwich 4

Hip hooray it’s New Years day and we’re on the road half an hour later than planned. We are on the way to Norfolk Broads for a wedding. The bride is a huge fan and obviously booked the wedding assuming they would stay up. But at least as most of the guests agree it's an away game. The wedding has a beautiful outdoor ceremony which I sadly miss as I have to take the baby away to ensure her cry are not construed as a reason they shouldn't be married. It’s the first wedding our eldest has attended where she can understand what is going on and apparently she followed the ceremony with the rapt attention she gives an episode of Peppa Pig. When asked afterwards if she liked it she told me the brides dress looked like mine. I’d like to pretend  this is because she has seen pictures, but once after watching to many "Say yes to the dress" episodes with her and my mum I was coerced into putting my dress on and twirling around the living room. But back to the big day. The bride had of course chosen the only venue in Norfolk with no reception and very patchy WiFi but luckily her uncle was on the case and kept everyone updated. Although my husband reused to believe the score until he saw it for himself our baby gave him that opportunity by having a melt down causing us to stop not once but twice within 30 mins on the way home. Once in a rather dubious lay by where we were convinced the car next to us were dogging and then again in a Tescos car park so he had plenty of time to catch up on twitter. A running joke we have about the football is when my husband gets home from the game he always wants to see the goals on telly as he has not seen then yet. Although as I always like to point out he saw them live! Once he was all caught up my husband was very pleased with the result and he hopes it's a sign of things to come.


So every year my husband says he is going to write a blog about being a Norwich fan, and every year I joke I will write a counter blog about being left at home with the children. Well I’m finally putting my maternity pay where my mouth is. If and when my husband does the same I’ll let you know.