Thursday, 17 August 2017

Morning Disco Party

Norwich 2 QPR 0

The cousins are still with us and they gave me an early start today, waking both our littles one and me up at 5.50.

I can't complain too much though as since they've been with us our little one has slept through the night twice.

The girls are all having a lovely time together and they are enjoying spending time with their grandparents. I am very jealous as they went to Bewilderwood on Monday and they are off to Pensthorpe later in the week. Annoyingly due to previously booked holiday I cannot have any time off work.

Today I left them having a disco party in the bedroom and as I write this I have the lyrics to Welcome to New York swirling around in my head.

The men folk are off to the football this evening so after a day at work my mother in law and I ate some tea before tackling bed time. We took two girls each. After putting all the girls to bed we then relaxed with a glass of wine and Coronation Street followed by Don't Tell the Bride. I was asleep before my husband got home.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Steam Train

Norwich 1 Sunderland 3

We have added to our household this weekend. As our nieces have come for a week long visit. My mother-in-law isn't going to today's game so our oldest niece can go instead. She is a junior canary and even has her own scarf. That said I think her favourite part of the day was the car journey to and from the game. And the score certainly didn't please her.

We took the younger girls to Norton's Light Railway for the afternoon. We had been earlier in the season but it was nice to go again as they had different entertainment on.  The girls loved the Punch and Judy show and The Lavender Hill Mob's ABBA medley.  I enjoyed the cake. They also got their faces painted. Our youngest niece loves bunnies so she had a white bunny face painted on. It looked great to start with but by the time she spkyped her mum and dad in the evening it made her look a bit peaky.

After spending a few hours and a few coins on the steam train we headed to the Rose and Crown, aka the ship pub! To meet the others for tea. It was really nice playing with the girls in the garden and the food was a good as always.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017


Norwich 3 Swindon 2

Just a quick post tonight.  My husband and father in law went to the game this evening as they couldn't wait until Sunday for the first game at Carrow Road.

We have had a very exciting evening. As we have been watching the mother duck, that lives under a bush in our front garden, egg's hatch. We have been waiting for them to hatch for the last three weeks. And what we have seen of the ducklings so far is very cute. Our little one has just started talking and can say quack quack.

We also had a party dancing around the living room to ABBA records Honey Honey is our eldest's favourite. If you don't listen to the words it's not inappropriate at all. Her love of ABBA stems from watching Mama Mia at Grandma's house.

Both girls are now asleep in our room which mean my husband and I are sharing the bunk beds tonight!

Sunday, 6 August 2017

It's Back

Fulham 1 Norwich 1

Even though the football season only ended three short months ago, so much has happened in our lives since then. We are still living with my very understanding inlaws, but we are now waiting for the purchase of our first house to go through. We keep pushing our expected move day back, hopefully it will be before my birthday and we really hope to be in the new house before our eldest starts school.

I have also now been gainfully employed for the last three months working for a toy company. And the girls are enjoying a combination of Granny/ Grandma daycare and nursery. Being back in work full time is certainly easier knowing that both sets of parents are looking after our girls so well.

And now to complete our lives the football is back. It just gives the weekend a nice structure.  Today all my husband wanted to do was listen to the game. So we tried to get our chores out of the way this morning so I could distract the girls come kick off. This plan didn't quite work out and at 3 o'clock I was still hanging out washing whilst our eldest watched Descendents music video on her Daddy's phone. This may have slightly distracted him from the commentary.

But we got it together for the second half. Which the girls and I spent playing with a cornucopia of 80's play people (playmobile). After the game it was an early bath and hair wash, as our eldest wanted me to plait her hair so she could have crimpy hair for Heacham Carinal tomorrow. Roll on the first home game....

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Birthday Cake

Norwich 4 QPR 0

I was pleased to find out my mother in law had decided against attending the last game of the season, for a very selfish reason. I needed to bake a cake for my baby's first birthday and cooking it with her around my feet was not going to be easy.

My mother in law initially took her out for a walk to try to get her to have a sleep while my eldest and I started baking. Luckily we were making Mary Berry's Victoria Sandwich so we measure all the ingredients out threw them in the bowl and used a hand whisk. It was dead easy although not quite as easy as using my Kitchen Aid. My eldest is getting really good at helping in the kitchen and I am hoping to get her to help make rice crispy cakes next weekend with the leftover easter chocolate. When the batter was ready I let her lick one of the whisks, mainly because I wanted to. It was her first time trying the batter and she loved it.

Unfortunately the baby didn't fall asleep on her walk so I rocked her to sleep upstairs and once she had gone off I could get on with the decorating.  This is my eldest's favourite bit as she got to try all the different icing colours. My mother in law has an ornament that I tried to copy for the Teddy Bear's picnic theme and I was really pleased with how it turned out. Although I'm not sure I'll be decorating the one for her party to such a scale.

By the time I had finished the cake the boys were back and we popped into Hunstanton to get a helium ballon for her birthday. After all it's not a proper celebration without a helium balloon.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Benjamin Bear

Leeds 3 Norwich 3

My heart sank on Friday afternoon when we went to collect our eldest from preschool and she came skipping out of the school holding the school bear. I hate taking any toys out of our house in case we loose them and now I not only have the pressure of taking a toy out of the house but I have to entertain it too. Luckily we already had exciting plans for Saturday.

After taking him for lunch at a cafe (pub) she upacked his clothes into her wardrobe and got me to make him up a special bed in her room. Of course this special bed was never used as he shared our eldest's bed overnight (shudder,) and then they came in for cuddles with me in the morning, as my husband was in London visiting friends.

As Benjamin has his own set of clothes we all went downstairs in our pj's for breakfast before getting dressed for our big day out.

We had tickets to see Justin's Party at the Corn Exchange in Kings Lynn, as the show wasn't on until the afternoon we decided to treat our eldest to lunch at her second favourite restaurant after Old Mcdonalds M&S cafe. She had a bit of a melt down when we got there as she is paranoid about the actors coming off the stage at the theatre ever since Granny was picked to be in a knife throwing act at the circus, but that is another story. Food arrived to calm her down and after eating we headed to the show.

It was amazing even our baby who normally watches the show for 5 minutes and then goes to the auditorium loved it. My favourite bits were the Hokey Cokey and seeing Mr Tumble. In my opinion Benjamin bear was being spoilt, lunch out and then real life Mr Tumble. I'm not sure how the other parents will top this!

The night before it was time for him to leave we had floods of tears from our eldest so much so that we have had to invite him back again for our baby's first birthday Teddy Bear's picnic party. Luckily he is free that weekend.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Forgotten Friday

Norwich 2 Brighton 0

Work has really put a dent in my blogging groove and I have completely forgotten to document Friday night.

My husband went to the football with his Dad and my Mother-in-law and I had a lovely steak tea. My eldest stayed up with us as an end of the week treat and ate a second tea of corn on the cob.

I'll try and be better on Saturday.